5 SECRETS OF HEALTHY LIFE IN THE OFFICE: Easy Way to Be Healthy and More Productive Working at Home or at the Office

Have you ever wondered how you can ever be healthy AND more productive in your office?
Does it seem like an impossible task?
It isn’t. All it takes to make a life change is a little knowledge of how to make it happen and you could be enjoying better health and better productivity just by sitting in your chair.
5 Secrets of Healthy Life in the Office: Easy Way to be Healthy and More Productive Working at Home or at the Office is a new book which aims to show you the secrets of maintaining your health while you work, through:
– Choosing healthy snacks
– Exercises for your body
– Exercises for your eyes
– Choosing comfortable clothes to wear
– How to keep good order on the desktop
One in five Americans works from home today, at least part of the time. That means that one fifth of us has a home office and probably a lot of unhealthy habits as well.
5 Secrets of Healthy Life in the Office won’t take you long to read, but it could change your life by helping you to develop healthy skills and healthy habits and transform the way you work.
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Make Money Online And Work From Home: Discover How To Get Rich Working From Home.

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Stress Management for Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs: Enjoy Working from Home Stress-Free

Working from home is a dream for many. More and more people worldwide are choosing to work at home. But the life of a work at home entrepreneur can be stressful for a number of reasons – bad work habits, lifestyle issues, job performance issues, as well as your attitude. It’s easy, in the face of deadlines, interruptions, fluctuating revenues, etc to mismanage your time, as by overriding your own work schedules (working beyond normal hours), and to end up driving yourself beyond your breaking point.
In Stress Management for Work-at-Home Entrepreneurs the author, who has experienced severe stress and burnout, details the ways in which you could be allowing stress to take control of your work life and family life; and what you can do to take control back.
•Why you owe it to yourself and to those around you to eliminate stress from your life
•How to harness the power of routines for boosting productivity; and to enjoy better quality of life.
•Tips for maximizing time and productivity, and how to co-opt those around you to support your goals
•Foods to boost brain performance and prevent burnout and stress
•How to avoid being so busy getting through the day that you fail to realize that you are using negative coping strategies that actually drain you of energy, health and happiness
Depending on what you do for a living, stress can begin to look like “your lot in life” when you start working from home; an inescapable adjunct to your livelihood. This book will help you get better adjusted to your situation so you can enjoy working from the comfort of your home.

WORK AT HOME (3 in 1 Business Bundle): 3 Money Making Strategies to Implement While Working Part-Time from Your Own House… Teaching on Udemy, Affiliate Launch Selling & Fiverr Freelancing

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* How to do proper niche research

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* How to do course topic research so you’ll know immediately if it’s profitable or not

* Keyword Research method for maximum UDEMY SEO power

* How to create and outline your course from start to finish…nothing left out!

* 3 Basic ways to market your new course

* How to build your list so you’ll get consistent full-time income from your new business


* A simple system to make money from product launches

* How to create a website…from start to finished

* How to rank your website…the easy way

* Ways to build backlinks

* Why bonus will make or break your affiliate site and what to offer to double your sales


* The 4 step process to make money on Fiverr

* The best services to sell on Fiverr right now

* How to write your listing step by step

* Examples of awesome listings to copy

* How to upsell customers to make 5x more money

* What to say and when to say it when up-selling customers



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How to Make Cash While Working at Home: Create a Blog & Sell Products on YouTube

Here are 2 Different Ways to Get Started with Your New Online Business

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How to Make a Blog
– Why you should always start with your passion but still consider other topics
– Where to find the best-topics that will most likely to make money
– 4 ways to find a topic that can be profitable in the near future
– How to create a WordPress blog from start to finish
– How to choose the right domain name for your blog
– The 6 step structure to follow for writing your own blog posts
– The best resources to read to learn more about writing great content that people read
– 7 monetization strategies to apply for you to make money through your blog
– This one trick that will allow you to be the “go-to’guy” when it comes to products in your niche

YouTube Cash Profits
– How to record video games and make extra income from YouTube
– What game to record and how to install it
– How to choose a game that is most likely to get views and adsense income
– All the tools you need to have in order to apply the YouTube cash profits method
– How to record the game and what to record in the game
– How to upload and optimize your videos for maximum views and YouTube ranking
– The one trick that can easily 10x your video views
– How to promote your videos without any capital and without annoying anyone!


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Making Part-Time Income While Working at Your Day Job: Make Money Through Book Publishing or Retail Arbitrage

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No Huge Capital, No Business Experience & No Expertise Required.

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– A step by step instructions on how to make a living as an Amazon self-publisher
– The 3 step process of finding a category and then confirming if it’ll make money or not
– How to choose the perfect sub-category for you
– The exact Best-Seller ranking table and how you can use this to confirm if a market will make you money or not
– Why quantity is as important as quality when you’re just starting out
– A real life example of how to analyze BSR
– How to pick the perfect title for your book (with examples!)
– How to map out your book’s table of contents
– How to know what to discuss in your ebook
– 2 blueprints that you can use to serve as foundation for your new project
– Top 5 tips to remember so you can finish your book fast
– How to hire a book cover designer
– How to publish your kindle book from start to finish
– How to manage your KDP promotion days and get a surge of sale after the free promo

– How to find the best products to sell on Ebay or Amazon
– The super sneaky tool that will help you decide whether to buy an item or not – THIS IS A LIFE SAVER!
– How to use and find THRIFT STORES where “worthless” items turn into GOLD!
– How to Know Before You Buy, Whether an Item Will Make You Money or Not – JUST USE THIS SIMPLE TECHNIQUE
– How to create a listing on Ebay
– How to create Amazon product listings that turn “product prospect” into legit product buyers


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Niche Marketer: Target Different Online Niches and Sell Information Product While Working at Home


2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Home-Based Internet Marketing Business Today!

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Write and Sell Kindle Books for a Living
– How to choose a profitable topic to write in
– How to confirm if your topic is profitable or not… Save hundreds of hours of your time just by doing this simple technique
– How to outline your book from start to finish
– An example of a working outline laid out step by step
– How to upload your book the right way
– The best tips on writing your book
– How to create the best book cover for your kindle book
– How to market your books so you’ll sell a shit ton of copies fast!

Niche Profit for Beginners
– The exact best niches to target for your affiliate website
– How to dig deeper on a niche and find low competition, highly profitable niches
– A simple search method of finding awesome keywords to target
– Simple ways to find products to promote related to your chosen keywords
– How to create your wordpress website from start to finish
– How to create a great product review
– How to drive free traffic to your website via simple seo
– The social SEO network method to drive free backlinks and traffic to your website… so you can rank faster on Google!

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Buy & Sell: Buy & Sell Digital or Physical Products & Services While Working Part-Time at Home

Create a Business That Can Give You Financial Freedom in Your Life!

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Choose a business model that fits you best.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside:

– What is dropshipping and why you should start your first business as a dropship benefactory
– The exact 5 point criteria to follow so you can make sure that you’re only going to sell products with high potential of being a best-seller
– How finding unique products will save you time and money in the long run
– The sweet price point for selling on Facebook (and no, it’s not about giving away products for free)
– Example of how I apply the 5 point criteria to a real great product
– How to create your own shopify store for free
– How to set up your store from start to finish
– How to set up your product listing for maximum sales conversion
– How to create an ad for beginners
– The structure of your ad and a real example to copy
– How to evaluate ad results in 3 different ways (know when to cut or when to expand your ad)

– The step by step process on how to make money from absolute scratch
– How to find services to flip on Fiverr
– The exact service you should sell right now!
– How to properly set up your account
– How to write and create a product gig listing
– How to run a $5 customer into a $200 one!
– The secret sauce for making more money on Fiverr… Clue: it has something to do with video!
– How to approach customers that you want to upsell

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