Home Business for Every Mum: Types of Home Business that is Beneficial to Mums

This is a new age e-book that fits every mum and potential mothers and it is beneficial to every woman in the world. Especially, the mothers can now find activities that will enable them to survive difficult times assisting and supporting their families both in good times and in hash economic situations. Home business for every mum is an exceptional e-book that provides a detailed informative analysis of the viable business every mother can venture into from the comfort of their homes.

It is a book that empowers every woman that is married and potentials mothers to help plan their family and provide a business establishment for their future to enhance financial security which is peculiar in most families of the world.

Alternative Types of Roundabouts: An Informational Guide (Springer Tracts on Transportation and Traffic)

This book presents a history of roundabouts, an introduction to their design, calculations of their capacity and traffic-safety features. It describes the key features of standard roundabouts and their limitations. Alternative types of roundabouts are a fairly recent development and have only been implemented in a few countries to date. The book illustrates a broad variety of these recent alternative types of roundabouts, as well as proposed types still in the development phase, explaining for each the specific needs it meets, its advantages and drawbacks. In closing, the book offers an outlook on the role of roundabouts in future street traffic.

The Franchise Game: Discover The 7 Strategic Moves To Buying A Winning Franchise – How To Buy A Franchise – Franchising – How To Buy A Business (How To … Types of Franchising You Can Buy Book 1)


The Franchise Game is the ultimate guide to understand the discovery process when reviewing a franchise for potential purchase. Many candidates do not know what a franchise company is looking for in a candidate and the candidate goes about it all wrong.

Find out the top ways that a franchise candidate blows it early in the process when researching a franchise business. Also, find out if a franchise is the best business format for you to pursue right now.