Rogue Options: Making money online by trading options: No experience required with options trading: Detailed explanations with images walk you through step by step how to make money

Have you been wondering how you can make money online?

Tired of going through endless “make a blog” books and all of the antiquated “quick SEO” books etc for “strategies” to make money online?

Rogue Options will teach you how to consistently make money online by trading options. Options trading has a statistical advantage over trading stocks straight up and I will teach you how that is done.

Does the stock market and options seem scary and new to you? No problem, Rogue Options is extremely detailed with images and step by step instructions on HOW exactly to do it.

You DO NOT need to be a financial guru to follow these steps. You don’t have to read the Wall Street Journal every day and have a detailed history in financial markets. This book is designed for ANYONE who wants to be able to make money online

This book delves deep into 5 different SPECIFIC options strategies to make consistent money trading options. Many books just hype up the great benefits of options and never actually give you the HOW on trading. This book gives exact details from what each trade does to how to actually set it up in your trading software.

Rogue options comes with a number of Scanning setups to use in ThinkorSwim, one of the leading trading platforms that is FREE to use. Other places sell this type of information alone for hundreds of dollars, but it is included free as part of this book.

This book also does not require you to have thousands of dollars to start out with. You can start out with $50 if you want to be able to get started using the strategies outlined in detail in this book on options trading.

Day Trading: How to Earn a Full-Time Living From Day Trading at Home

As the world as a whole grows richer it has become harder and harder for average Americans to make smart investments for their future. It seems as though the best options to earn interest are reserved for the super wealthy. I have good news; there lies an opportunity for the average American to expand their savings, to invest in markets where they stand a competitive chance of making great profit. What started as an experiment in growing my savings has turned into a full-time income, and I’m sure that after following my advice, you too will be also be able to earn a full-time income while working from home. The secret comes in day trading, and the proven strategies that can be used to earn consistent income.
There is a secret to day trading that many traders don’t want you to know about: day trading simply requires invoking the right methods, and having the diligence to follow through on those methods. Many traders make errors by being greedy, or acting too rashly on a gut feeling. I’m here to teach you how to avoid the emotional mistakes that traders make, and use analytical techniques to earn consistent income.
Regardless of how much you have to invest, I offer an opportunity to expand your investment fund in multiple markets. Whether trading on large exchanges, FOREX or penny stocks, I offer methods to earn profit in any one of these markets. Simply continue reading and soon you will be working from home, earning a great income and providing a fantastic life for you and your family.

In This Book You Will Find:

  • Key day trading strategies that can be used on large stock exchanges, FOREX markets and penny stocks.
  • An explanation of the tools that you will need to make intelligent stock picks.
  • Answers to questions about capital requirements, and how to get started trading.
  • Key methods for how to trade on specific markets, written by an experienced day trader.
  • A look at expected changes in markets due to recent geopolitical changes.

How to Make Money Online: Domain Trading

Most of us could use a little extra cash now and then. For many it is nice to able to save something for a rainy day, while for others it is important to be able to pay those unexpected bills or to treat ourselves and our families to something nice.

But how do you make extra money without taking on another job and working yourself to an early grave?

Making money online could be the answer to your question. And in this great new book, How to Make Money Online: Domain Trading, you can learn all about one of the best ways to start generating that extra income, including;

•Obtaining the right tools
•Conducting research on Domains
•Registering the Domain Name
•Obtaining the Logo
•Posting Domain Name information
•Additional tips and tricks

An extra income isn’t that far away from becoming a reality and with How to Make Money Online: Domain Trading, it’s even closer than you had imagined.

Get your copy of this insightful book today and start earning that extra online income tomorrow!


Perhaps you’ve heard of options trading before but have been hesitant to get started because it seemed complicated. I understand the sentiment, but the market for options only appears more complicated than it truly is. There is a desire by the Wall Street elites to complicate simple strategies that nearly every trader can invoke. I will teach you the fundamentals of options trading using everyday language. I will illustrate complex ideas with simple examples that will make once indecipherable ideas easy to understand. By the time you are done reading this book, you will have a strong foundation of all the things you need to know about the options market, as well as know several strategies to get you started.

I began trading options some seven years ago. My background is someone who was skeptical about financial trading. I thought it was only for people with large investment funds and educational backgrounds in finance. It became my hobby to learn about financial markets, and for years I never thought about investing for myself. One day I decided to take a risk; I tried a strategy that I had learned about years earlier, and to my surprise I made a nice little profit of a few hundred dollars. I was shocked at how a novice trader like me could earn such a profit using a simple strategy. It then occurred to me that many of the resources available for learning how to trade options are purposefully complicated and obtuse. I traded for several years after internalizing the concepts that took me several years longer to fully learn. I come to you now with the knowledge to explain these complicated ideas in a way that anyone can understand. You too can make steady income through the use of options. Start reading today and soon you will be earning steady profit, understanding the mechanics of options, and internalizing the strategies that thousands of traders use every year.

In This Book You Will Find:

  • An explanation of options designed for the beginner investor. Even if you have no experience in financial markets, you will be able to explain options to your friends like a lifetime trader.
  • Tips and advice for exactly how to get started: what brokers to use, how large your investment fund should be, and how much you should spend on each and every trade.
  • Simple explanations of strategies, organized intelligently, and outlined for someone just getting started with options.
  • A manual for how to get started, written by someone who has taken years to master the material and make a great income from trading.

Options Trading: 3in1 Online Business for Beginners Bundle (Work from Home, Blueprint to Making Money with Options Trading, Binary Options, Stock Options, … Options, Forex Trading, Passive Income)

Have you ever wanted to start investing but aren’t sure where to start?

Well, with this book you are going to get the basics of how you can get involved with
Options Trading.

In this book, you are going to gain the knowledge to know the different things that you
are going to need to know in order to start your portfolio in options trading. Not only
that, but you are going to learn the most common mistakes that people make when they
are trading and how you are going to be able to avoid them so that you are not making
the same errors that others did.

But, if you are an experienced trader and are just wanting to try and get your profits up
or to avoid some of the mistakes that you have made, or seen others make, this is a book
that will help you as well.

As you go through this book, you are going to learn everything that you need to know so
that you can make good trading options when despite what the market is saying. There
is always going to be more that you can learn, and you are going to make mistakes. Do
not let that discourage you. Just keep going and make the best investments that you
believe are right for you.

Real estate is one of the most time tested of all the possible investment opportunities…

…having existed practically for as long as humans have built permanent structures and had a concept of land ownership. What’s more, it is one of the core types of asset that any investor, regardless if they are just starting out, or simply looking to diversify should consider adding to their portfolio. It offers unique diversification, net worth, profitability, liquidity and cash flow benefits that ensure it is practically always a reliable choice.

Understanding these basics

and actively putting them to use on the regular are two very different things, however, which is why if you are interested in actively pursuing the dream of real estate investment then Millionaire Mind: Invest in Real Estate is the book for you.

Inside you will find everything you need to know

to decide if investing in real estate property, real estate investment trusts, flipping properties or wholesaling properties is the right investment choice for you to maximize your future potential. The opportunities and the potential for profit in real estate are vast, even for those who have little or no money to put down up front. If you have the smarts, you can make money in real estate. What are you waiting for? Bet on yourself and buy this book today.

Inside you will find

  • Negotiation tips to make any real estate deal work out in your favor.
  • All the phrases you need to know to talk like the pros.
  • The six most common mistakes new real estate investors make and how to avoid them.
  • And more…

Do you want financial freedom?

Are you wondering how you can turn your retirement funds into financial stability? This book is going to teach you beginning stock information to help you achieve financial freedom.

As a beginner’s book, it takes a look at easy topics you can learn quickly and start applying to your trading system.

It is not meant for the advanced investor, who has already been trading for several years and is ready to move up in their trading plan.
There will be plenty for you to learn after you have read this book, the aim is to ensure you have a “start now” plan that you can use to start small and be a successful trader. Yes, it will take time and education, but in the end you will be on a better path to financial freedom.
Get your millionaire mindset in place and start learning these topics today!

9 books in 1: Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Home-Based Businesses, Small Business, Online Trading, Internet Marketing, Business Writing, Youtube, … To Have Fun, Create Value And Make Money)

How To Become a YouTube Superstar How To Make Money In Binary Options How To Make Money In Sports Betting How To Make Money On Instagram How To Make Money Online How To Make Your Own Video Game How To Start Your Own Business Without Capital How To Value a Business How To Write A How To Book

Trading Forex with Divergence on MT4 (Forex, Forex Trading, Forex Trading Method, Trading Strategies, Trade Divergences, Currency Trading, Make Money Online Book 2)

TWO of Jim’s FOREX books are consistently ranked *BEST SELLERS* on Amazon and this new book is set to take off!

Jim, from Queensland Australia, is a full-time Forex Trader, currently residing in Vietnam.

While Divergence may sound a little technical and intimidating, Jim assures you that it is easy to understand when you know what you are looking for. Some even consider Divergence to be a leading indicator. Basically, it is the difference between what the actual price on the chart is doing and what an Oscillator type indicator is doing. This book will use the same principles as his MT4 High Probability Forex Trading Method, but it is a stand-alone book and concentrates more on trading with Divergence. Jim has no affiliation with any links included in the book and there are no up-sells or ongoing costs for this method, his custom indicators, template etc. Also worthy of mention is that this Method can be used with any other financial instrument that your MT4 platform offers.

Here is an outline of what is included:

1. A downloadable package which includes Jim’s personal custom indicators:

  • QQE ADV.ex4
  • QMP Filter 1.01.ex4
  • P4L PeriodCon 509.ex4
  • MACD_Platinum.ex4
  • MACD Platinum Book.tpl
  • Forex Multiple Trade Calculator.xlsx
  • 2. 50+ images to explain Forex Trading using divergence (access to download/print)

    3. A video with instructions on how to load the template and indicators to your MT4 platform:

    4. The Table of Contents outline includes:

  • What Is Divergence?
  • Setting Up The Charts
  • The Basic Concept Of This Trading Method
  • Trading With Divergence
  • Some Observations About Divergence
  • Various Examples Of Divergence
  • Entering A Trade After Divergence Has Been Identified
  • Trade Examples On The GBP/JPY 4hr Chart
  • ‘Tight’ Divergence
  • The Smart Way To Trade This
  • Stop Loss Placement
  • Trade Re-Entry Technique
  • Trend Losing Steam And Time To Take Action
  • Divergence Formed On The Wrong Side Of The MACD Platinum Zero Level
  • Trade Management
  • High Risk Money Management Technique
  • Facebook Group:

    You Tube:

    ( links are case sensitive)

    Double Up Your Investment: Guaranteed!: Learn how to make money within minutes, guaranteed, i will make you rich (Bitcoin, Binary trading, Casino, Softwares. Book 1)

    Double Up Your Investment By Rich Schwartz

    About The Book:

    Are you looking for a foolproof way of making some passive income? Well, guess what? There’s a great way for you to make some real money through BTC investment! Rising author Rich Schwartz has recently launched his book “Double Up Your Investment” that is designed to help you make an expert in Bitcoin investment. Filled with valuable insight into the industry, this book stands out as the ultimate go-to guide that will help you DOUBLE up your investment in less than 2 MONTHS! Hard to believe it is true? Buy this book and see the results for yourself!

    Summary of the book:

    If you have ever been scammed by fraud trading companies, you know the pain of losing your hard earned money. But there’s a legit way of making solid income through BTC investment. In the book “Double Up Your Investment”, author Rich Schwart has discussed the various time-tested strategies that are known to be highly profitable. If you do it right, BTC investment will give you the financial freedom that you have always dreamed of! However, before you start you need to know the important aspects of the industry, and the right way to begin investing to yield the highest profits.

    In this book, you will find:

    ? In-depth guide into the world of BTC investment

    ? Information about the best BTC investment companies

    ? Invaluable advice on BTC cloud mining companies

    ? Thorough research on binary options such as credit cards, signal, proofs, brokers and so on

    ? Everything you need to know about Bitcoin casinos

    All in all, “Double Up Your Investment” seeks to make you a financial genius so that you can take investment related decisions on your own to build a better a brighter future for yourself and your family. Does this sound like something you want? Then don’t waste another day. Order your copy of “Double Up Your Investment” today!