Square POS Register Compatible Star Micronics TSP143IIILAN 39464910 Thermal Network Ethernet LAN Receipt Printer and 10 Rolls of Epsilont Thermal Receipt Paper 3-1/8 x 230ft (Black)

A true out-of-the-box solution, the TSP100LAN FuturePRNT is the first all-in-one receipt printer that comes with everything for immediate use after purchase. All hardware and software are contained in a box, including an internal power supply, interface cable, power cable, complete mounting kits and a paper roll to get your device up and running quickly. Fast setup is only a part of the story, high throughput of 43RPM, “Drop-In & Print” paper loading and compact footprint for better space efficiency makes this unit a great choice you can rely on for applications such as retail, restaurants, and convenience stores. To bring you the future of receipt printing now, a full set of software utilities is also included. Redesign your receipt without modifying your application. Add your logo. Add coupons. Preview receipts and enhance bar codes. Included operating system drivers allow for ‘Plug & Play’ automatic installation.

Product Features

  • HIGH SPEED and HIGH RELIABILITY – Can print 45 six inch Receipts per Minute. MCBF: 60 Million Lines and Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts
  • DROP-IN and PRINT PAPER LOADING – Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
  • EMBEDDED POWER SUPPLY and SMALL FOOTPRINT – No more power brick, saving even more precious counter space.
  • WALL MOUNTABLE – Need more counter space? Create more room by mounting the printer to the wall. The futurePRNT Configuration Utility allows for Text Reversal so the receipt is printed to face the user.
  • RECESSED CABLE CONNECTIONS – Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top

Lotion Making: 25 Lotion Recipe Guide for Beginners Hobby or Business (Thermal Mermaid Book 4)


Our Summer Lotion Guide is a complete recipes book for those who only want lightweight lotions for home or for their market tables. All 25 Recipes in this publication are light weight lotions for day wear or warm weather wear.

• They do a great job nourishing and protecting your skin

• They contain only those ingredients that you choose, so you can avoid harmful chemicals

• They are better for your skin, since you can customize them to fit your needs exactly

• They can be made with your favorite essential oils for custom fragrances

• They are lot cheaper than store-bought lotions and body butters

With this book, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with homemade lotions today. Here are just a few of the things this book will teach you:

• How to make professionally made lotions that you can sell

• We discuss safety and precautions involved in selling your products

• What equipment you will need to make each kind of lotion

• Where to get ingredients and supplies

• Whether you need to use preservatives to prolong your lotion’s shelf life

• How to clean up after making your lotion

This book contains our recipes that we have created for our product line from the artisans at Thermal Mermaid. Here are some of the recipes you can prepare today:

1. Scrumptious Vanilla Lotion

2. Goats Milk Lotion

3. Sun Block Lotion

4. Natural Light Lotion

5. Calming Lavender Lotion

6. Rosy Pink Layered Lotion

7. Aloe Vera Lotion (Burn Soother)

8. Coconut Tea Lotion

9. Complete Absorption Cocoa Lotion

10. Creamy Chamomile Lotion

11. Bare Bones Basic Moisturizer

12. Minty Lavender Summer Lotion

13. Dry Skin Soother

14. Creamy Coconut Lotion

15. Old Fashion Honey Lotion

16. Wild Rose Lotion

17. Tropical Fruit Salad Lotion

18. Cool Snap Frost Lotion

19. Lavender Facial Lotion

20. Creamy Magnesium Lotion

21. Calendula Bee Porridge

22. French Tea Lotion

23. Oatmeal Honey Lotion (For Dry & Itchy Skin)

24. Milky Lavender Lotion

25. Lanoline Body Lotion