How to Start a Business: Startup Essentials-The Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Start Your Own Business (Online Business, Small Business, … (Business Startup for Newbies) (Volume 2)

Startup Essentials
About the Book
It can be stressful to think about starting a business. There is so much that goes into it and finding a place to start can be very overwhelming. This simple guide goes through all the components you will need to know to start any business (online, retail, small business, home-based). It was written by someone who was in your exact same position, only a couple of years ago. It breaks down difficult concepts into simple, actionable steps that you can apply today. It also provides credible links to free resources for additional information, webinars, and templates needed to start a business (not affiliated with author or book).

Who Will Benefit from this Book?
Anyone who: has dreams of owning a business but feels overwhelmed at the thought of starting one, who has an idea and wants to know the steps to turn it into a profitable business, who wants an exact breakdown of the steps needed to start a business. This book is intended for those without extensive business knowledge. It is meant for the lay person who wants to start a business but does not know how.

What You Will Learn
You will learn: 1.) How to develop a profitable idea 2.) Reality of starting a business today 3.) Steps and resources to research business ideas and competition 4.) Business structures and which structure is right for you 5.) How to work with lawyers, accountants, employees and other professionals 6.) Simple tax breakdown 7.) Steps to financial planning 8.) Options to fund your business 9.) The right way to market and brand your business 10.) A simple guide to create a business plan.

How This Book is Different

  • Uses simple, concrete language and examples to break down hard concepts
  • Gives an overview of all types of businesses and helps you figure out the right fit
  • Gives reader actionable steps to succeed instead of simply reciting facts

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Developing Your Million Dollar Idea
  • Chapter 2: Business Myths De-Bunked
  • Chapter 3: Market Research and Competitive Analysis: Who, What, When, Where, How?
  • Chapter 4: There’s More Than One Way to Start a Business-What Right for YOU?
  • Chapter 5: Nuts and Bolts of Business Structures
  • Chapter 6: Professional Help — Lawyers, Accountants, Employees, Oh My!
  • Chapter 7: Paying Uncle Sam
  • Chapter 8: Get Your Money Right — Funding and Finances
  • Chapter 9: Profits and Pricing
  • Chapter 10: If You Build It They Will Come (Or They Won’t) — Marketing Your Business
  • Chapter 11: Why Branding is Much More Than Your Logo
  • Chapter 12: Business Plans Made Simple Conclusion

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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING : Complete Guide to Social Media Marketing 365 : How to Successfully Boost your business A-Z

Have you ever wondered how to put social media to use to promote your brand? ???

Have you ever tried to create a marketing campaign for Facebook, Twitter, or another social media platform, only to run out of ideas or end up with less-than-stellar results?

Does the thought of trying to learn to use Snapchat for your company leave you cold? If this sounds like you, or if you’ve ever hesitated in any way to use social media as a marketing tool, this is the book you need.

This easy-to-understand book takes you through the steps to creating a successful social media marketing campaign, including:

  • Why social media marketing should matter to you

  • Overviews of top social media platforms and their uses

  • Advice for matching your target demographic with the right social media platform

  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to get started on several top social media platforms, from Facebook to Snapchat

  • Tips for creating great, shareable content

  • And much more!

No topic is too easy or obvious. Whether you’re a beginner on social media or are just looking for ideas to keep your existing social media marketing campaign going, this book is full of great information that will help you promote your brand at its best.

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ONLINE BUSINESS: Internet Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Successfully: Work from Home, Create Wealth & Build Passive Income! (Make Money Online, online … startup, entrepreneur, leadership)

A Booming Business Online at your Fingertips!

(find most of them throughout the book!)

Finding the need to channel your business ideas into reality but afraid you don’t have the right resources?

Feeling the itch to bring out the entrepreneur in you but clueless on where and how to start?

An ONLINE BUSINESS might just be the perfect solution…
And this Manual to MAKING MONEY ONLINE will help you do the trick!

Flip through, study the tips and you’ll have your business booming with just a few clicks on the web!

Be a Well-Informed, Well-Researched Online Entrepreneur

The Internet is a world of infinite data and a business beginner is bound to get lost if he/she doesn’t know where to look.

Featuring guidelines on picking your market, promoting products and finding out what works for you, you’ll be using so much of your time and energy on SUCCEEDING – instead of on figuring out how to.

Learn How to Use the Web to Your Advantage

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step feature on maximizing what the internet has to offer to your advantage! With today’s fast-paced web activity, the competition may be tough for online business BUT it won’t be FOR YOU! We laid down the basics of how, where and WHAT to create to generate HIGH TRAFFIC for your online store.

With this Manual, You Will Also Learn HOW TO:

  • Research on what works for you
  • Set your budget wisely
  • Choose the perfect market to explore
  • Promote the right products
  • Create your own website
  • Know how to generate traffic
  • Be a pro and learn the basics of SEO
  • Use social media sites properly
  • Much, much more!

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How to Successfully Work From Home

This book will teach you how to start your own online or eCommerce business in as little as 24 hours. You’ll learn free internet marketing techniques, how to set pricing, how to build a website, how to utilize social media, and much more.

This book will give you simple step by step instructions on how to build your online business. When you purchase your book, you’ll gain access to an online community with your training and your own personal back office. The sooner you get the book, the sooner you can begin to earn $100 or more per day online.

Home Business: How To Successfully Grow Your Home Business With Online Marketing (Home business, home business kindle books, home business success, home business kindle, internet marketing business)

Discover How To Explode Your Home Business With These Proven Online Marketing


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Online marketing includes a greater ROI than every other type of marketing. Though this is correct it doesn’t imply that all types of online marketing have a high ROI for your particular business.

You should know when changes are necessary to an advertising and marketing strategy, including when it’s time to close the lid on the particular facet of your marketing strategy. The bottom line is you need to make certain your marketing attempts are successful and that is precisely what we’re going to uncover.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Importance of Your Online Appearance
  • Significance of Squeeze Pages
  • Handling Customer Support
  • Affiliate Marketing Program Benefits
  • Tracking With Google Analytics
  • Effective Social Media Marketing
  • And Much, Much More!

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