App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPad and iPhone Apps Customers Really Want

How can you make your iPhone or iPad app stand out in the highly competitive App Store? While many books simply explore the technical aspects of iPhone and iPad app design and development, App Savvy focuses on the business, product, and marketing elements critical to pursuing, completing, and selling your app — the ingredients for turning a great idea into a genuinely successful product.

Whether you’re a marketer, designer, developer, entrepreneur, product manager, or just someone with a unique idea, App Savvy explains every step in the process, with guidelines for planning a solid concept, engaging customers early and often, developing your app, and launching it with a bang. Author Ken Yarmosh details a proven process for developing successful apps, and presents numerous interviews with the App Store’s most prominent publishers.

  • Learn about the App Store and how Apple’s mobile devices function
  • Follow guidelines for vetting and researching app ideas
  • Validate your ideas with customers — and create an app they’ll be passionate about
  • Assemble your development team, understand costs, and establish a workable process
  • Build your marketing plan while you develop your application
  • Test your working app extensively before submitting it to the App Store
  • Assess your app’s performance and keep potential buyers engaged and enthusiastic

Three Myths About Building iPad/iPhone Apps

1. Being Artistically or Technically Challenged Makes You Useless
Roughly 30-40% of your app is about thinking including researching, a disciplined approach to talking to potential customers about your idea, and “mocking” your app in easy to use software tools. Even if you don’t know how to design or develop an app, there’s much to do before formally building it.

2. It’s Impossible to Find People to Build an App
Today, there are mobile-specific resources available, which will make finding those that can help build your app much easier. And knowing the right questions to ask will allow you to be clear about how much your app will cost and how long it will take to build.

3. Marketing Occurs Once the App is Available

Starting your marketing earlier will help development and vice versa. Following the right steps to start developing and marketing your app at the same time will make your app considerably more successful once it launches.

Product Features

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The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide To Business Basics: Running your own business on your own terms (The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide Book 5)

Want to get your online business started, with no stress, no drama and very little financial investment?

Have you started a blog or niche website that you feel you could monetize, but you don’t really know where to start?

You can get a new online business or side hustle started today, or maybe turn your hobby or personal blog into a business.

You’ll start by:

– Identifying exactly what you have for sale, and what benefits your business is offering
– Who will buy what you’re offering.
– How to connect with them

You’ll also learn about:

– Creating websites that work.
– The three basic marketing strategies that will help you find and engage with your potential customers.
– How to build a brand as a solopreneur.
– How to employ a growth mindset, ‘black box thinking’, delegation, and forward planning to keep growing your business and maximizing your potential.

The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide To Networking: Making meaningful connections with people you actually like (The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide Book 3)

This short, no-fluff guide to networking is aimed at helping you make stronger, more meaningful connections with the right people, without spending an overwhelming amount of time on your networking activities.

It covers networking online and off, looking at:

• Who you need in your networks (including influencers, connectors and advocates as well as customers and potential customers)

• How to leverage the various groups within your networks to help you meet your business objectives

• How to set objectives for your networking (and how to meet them)

• How to grow and engage your networks

• What to share to attract and engage your perfect network

• Networking online via social media, online forums and email marketing

• Where to find places to network in the real world

• How to optimize and automate your online networks

Who is this book for?

This is the third ebook in The Savvy Solopreneur series, aimed at anyone who works as a entrepreneur with no full-time employees. If you’re a blogger, author, network marketer, coach or online tutor, you’re probably a solopreneur. If you have collaborators, affiliates and a team you outsource to, but no employees that rely on you for a full-time wage, you’re probably a solopreneur. If you feel like your business only runs if you do all the tasks associated with it, you’re a solopreneur. If this sounds like you, take a look at this book, and let’s start using your networks to support you and work for you, using strategies and processes that actually work.

This is not a book about specific social media platforms (although we’ll certainly look at using social media as part of your networking activities). It takes a big picture approach to networking, covering strategies and tactics that will work for any business and on any platform. Each chapter has action lists to help you put into process everything you learn as you go through the book.