EMAIL THE LEAD MACHINE: Proven Strategies To Maximize Marketing ROI, Grow Your Business, Build Relationships, Get Traffic And Make Money Online

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Discover how to build a list of subscribers with advanced lead generation proven strategies methods that most marketers are using today!


Your About To Discover How To Grow Your Marketing ROI and Make More Money Online

* If you’ve been looking to generate more leads from your website or blog, this book is for you.

* If you want to get your ideal customers to opt into your email newsletter, this book is for you.
* If you’ve been looking to rank higher at the search engines, this book is for you.
* If you want to build an audience on social media, this book is for you.

*** In This Book You will learn ***
• Growing your online Subscribers tips
• Creating Emails, Types of Emails Writing and Designing Emails
• Measuring Email Performance
• Email Marketing Best Practices
• How To Building Your Targeted Lists
• How to build a list in almost any niche
• How to maximize your sales
• Lead Generation Platforms
• Best Email Automation Tools
• How An Email Marketing Funnel Works
• Creating An Epic Landing Page
• Email Marketing Lead Generation
• Proven Strategies to Maximize Marketing ROI
• Increase Sales with Email Marketing
• Build Relationships Get Traffic
• Strategies How To Generate Leads, Capture and Engage Your Audience
• How to promote affiliate offers the right way
• How To build relationships
• How to upsell to your list
• Understanding Lead Magnets
• How To Gain Your Subscribers into sales
• The Secret Weapon To List Building
• Much, much more, tips, tricks.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Kickass Landing Pages That Convert, Increase Conversion Rates & Earn More Money.

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Connect, Build, Grow: How to Build Relationships and Grow Your Network (Back Pocket Business Guide) (Volume 1)

Many people think of “networking” as a manipulative chore. They think about people seeking self-serving opportunities. They think about meaningless conversations focused on nothing but career goals. What if I told you that is not what networking is at all? People who have successful networks have them because they have focused on others – not on themselves. By treating each connection as an opportunity to build a relationship, they have grown a robust network of mutually beneficial relationships. Debuting as the first book in the Back Pocket Business Guide series, Connect, Build, Grow: How to Build Relationships and Grow Your Network promises to teach you how to build meaningful relationships from before you say “hello” to after you say “goodbye.” Filled with self assessments, readers will have tools they can immediately use. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to share your brand, a rising corporate climber looking to develop your career or someone between careers, Connect, Build, Grow is a book you will continue to reference long after you finish it.

Email Marketing Machine: Build Relationships Get Traffic and Make Money Online

Your About To Discover How To Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is the lifeline of your business. Every day that you’re not collecting contact information, you’re missing out on tons of money and tons of security in your business.

Your email list is an asset, so it’s time to get serious and start building what can and will become your biggest income stream online.

It’s never too late to get started, but the best time to get started was yesterday.

Email Marketing Machine goes into everything from creating your opt-in offer to how to get traffic to your squeeze page.

By using the techniques in the book you’ll be able to grow you email list huge if you take action and stay consistent.

No longer allow fear and laziness to control your growth financially, it’s time to get started building relationships and creating your brand online.

If your goal is to create valuable content for your audience and eventually sell to them so the value can be reciprocated, this book is for you.

If you’re looking to get rich quick using sleazy tactics, this book is not for you.

My name is Argena Olivis and I’ve been online since 2012, and I want to share with you all I’ve learned about growing a list of loyal subscribers who convert into customers.

Over the years, I’ve taken tons of courses and spent lots of money to learn what I’m about to teach you in one convenient book.

Keep in mind that you must take action to get results, don’t just read this book but use it as a guide to set up your email marketing machine so you’ll increase your profits and add value to the world.

BONUS Included: Squeeze Page Traffic Machine Course and Bonus Report [FREE]

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • how to find a profitable target market
  • how to create your opt in offer
  • how to get traffic to your squeeze page
  • how to set up autoresponder messages
  • how to sell to your list
  • how to build relationships
  • how to upsell to your list
  • how to get Facebook fans
  • Much, much more!

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“I’ve just recently started affiliate marketing and blogging and everything I read says that the where the money really is, is email marketing. the problem is I just had no idea where to start. So I bought this book and I am soooo happy I did. It is a great starter guide, it covered all the basics and gave me a good foundation for going into email marketing. I can’t wait to try out some of the techniques it suggests. Great Book!!!!” ~Dee K.

“I’m very glad I purchased this book. It is an easy to read guide that is direct and to the point, yet it is jam-packed with content. It goes over your opt-in offers and squeeze page in addition to many other things. Before reading this book how my little nuances you can do and resources you can utilize to build self sustaining income in this manner. Thank you very much for making this simple Argena!” ~Sammie Sorenson

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Relationships Mastery: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Epic, Loving & Long-Lasting Relationships (Network Marketing, MLM, Interview Questions, Social Media … Personal Brand, E-Mail Marketing)

Learn The 1 Skill You MUST Master To Achieve Massive Success & Fulfillment In Your Life!

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Yes, you’ve read it correctly.

Just. One. Skill.

It’s not about how talented you are or how well you market yourself.

So, what is this one skill I’m talking about?

The most successful people of this world live and breathe this quote:

“Your net worth is determined by your network.”

Nothing more, nothing less.

In today’s society, it’s not about what you know but more about who you know.

Your ability to build valuable relationships will make or break your success in life.

The good news is that you can learn and master this skill of building relationships today!

I Lay Out The 21 Non-Negotiable Laws Of Building Relationships Which Will Help You:

  • Crush Any Interview And Secure YOUR Dream Career
  • Become A Master At Connecting With Anyone, Anywhere At Anytime
  • 10X Your Network & Attract Quality People In Your Life
  • Take Your Confidence And People Skills To The Next Level
  • Live A Life Full Of Adventure, Success and Fulfillment
  • And Much, Much More!

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