Teach & Manage: How to Teach Courses Online or Manage Social Media Marketing for Other People

Here are 2 Business Ideas That Any Beginner Can Start


You don’t need any technical knowledge or business experience to make money via these business ideas.

What you’ll discover inside:

– How to choose a market that will produce money for the years to come
– How to create a product from scratch
– How to become an expert in 21 days or less
– 8 ways to get free traffic online!
– How to sell your products via WEBINAR
– The dangers of information marketing and the top mistakes rookies make 90% of the time

– The entire process of making money via social media management and consultation without being an expert yourself
– How to let others do the dirty work for you
– The best service to use when you’re outsourcing the social media management of your clients
– How to structure your offer for best results
– How to create an offer sheet that will explain everything about your business to your clients
– Why naming your package is a crucial part of making a sale
– Example of offer sheet other companies are using
– How to create an irresistible offer that will eliminate 50% of the selling for you
– 6 of the best ways to find clients fast

They say that it your moment of your decision that you destiny is shaped.

I want you to make that decision today.

The decision to live the freedom lifestyle. The decision to take action and make things happen.

Remember you don’t need the following:




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Social Media: Strategies to Master social media How to master your social media brand (marketing, manage, made me rich, for writers, marketing for dummies) … for writers, marketing for dummies) Book 1)

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How to reveal the secrets and tricks on how to manage your social media strategy.
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  • • Would you like to know more about:

    • The Advance Strategies That The Pros Use.

    • Doubling Your page visitors

    • Understanding Ad marketing

    • Top Strategies For Growth

    • Monetizing Your Social Media

  • And Much, much more!

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#1 Marketplace Dropship Guide (A Step-by-Step Primer on How to Build and Manage Your Own Virtual Business From Anywhere): Work From Home

A beginner’s guide to starting an online home business with amazon.com. This guide explains the process of finding products that you don’t have to buy until they sell on amazon. What to look for in a drop ship supplier and the steps to take to get your products online. Work from home with little startup money and as little or as much time as you would like to put forth. Let’s start making money!!

Soap Making Business: How to Start and Manage Your Own Home Based Soap Business (Home Based Business)

This book has been written by Home Business Expert, Kaye Dennan. Kaye has over 30 years in small business, with many of those as a home business owner.

The tips and tricks that you will read in “Soap Making Business” will put you well ahead of your business competitors. It will open your eyes to small business benefits and disadvantages, all of which will give you much more insight into being in business.

By reading this book you will learn important tips on:

•how to make sure that your soap making business is a success
•planning tips for putting together a range of soap to sell
•how to go about selling
•various ways to go about marketing your product either retail or wholesale

Sell, make a profit and enjoy your home soap making business.

Event Planning: Plan Events Like a Professional, Impress Your Clients and be Your Own Boss in 12 Simple Steps (event planning, experience, organise, manage, … be your own boss, work from home Book 4)

Event management: Plan Events Like a Professional, Impress Your Clients and be Your Own Boss in 12 Simple Steps

In Event Planning, you will finally learn just how to create and manage any successful event, impress your clients and even start your own event planning business, using an easy to follow step by step guide and FREE action plan. Even if you have no prior experience, this book will teach you how to become your own boss and start a creative career in event planning. Download this book today.

Event planning is something that most people will eventually be confronted with in their lives – in personal and professional capacities. Sometimes it falls on your plate unexpectedly, when you’re requested by your boss to arrange an “intimate evening” for 100 potential clients, causing you to have a minor panic attack; or you’re put in charge as a best man or maid of honour, and all of a sudden need to throw a bachelor party for 50 people; or you just want your child to have an incredible 10th birthday party. Some of you may even be considering event planning as a profession, and need some building blocks to start on.

This book covers all of those bases as a beginner’s guide to event planning. By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll have a great holistic idea of how to approach your event. Otherwise, because the book is broken up into easy-to-follow steps covering each of the main components of event planning, you can also use it as a referral in areas you are uncertain about, or as a refresher when you are trying something new you are unfamiliar with.

Included with the steps is a comprehensive checklist for both small and big events, as well as a comprehensive checklist for weddings, which you can use every time you plan an event to ensure you have everything covered. You can even add to these checklists to customise them to suit your specific needs and area of planning!

So are you ready to plan an unforgettable event? Let’s get started!

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How to Start a Home-Based Handyman Business: *Turn Your Skills Into Cash *Schedule Your Jobs *Build Word-Of-Mouth Referrals *Manage Insurance Issues … Smart And Safe (Home-Based Business Series)

Terry Meany, author of Knack Home Repair & Maintenance, provides all the necessary tools and strategies one needs to turn skills into cash by launching and growing a handyman business. He explains how to get started, develop a service manual, screen clients, serve customers, learn from the competition, and set up a home office?as well as how to use the Internet to develop the business.

* Turn your skills into cash * Schedule your jobs * Build word-of-mouth referrals * Manage insurance issues * Handle paperwork?from permits to invoices * Work smart and safe

Business Plan: Business Tips How to Start Your Own Business, Make Business Plan and Manage Money (business tools, business concepts, financial freedom, … making money, business planning Book 1)

Business Plan

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Business Tips How to Start Your Own Business, Make Business Plan and Manage Money (business tools, business concepts, financial freedom, make money easy, money management)

This book is your sure guide and resource on how you can get started, manage and grow a profitable business. The process of starting a business can be rough and challenging. This book will help ease this pressure by taking you through the most important steps you need to take.

Whether you are a yet to start your business or already running your business, this guide is meant for you. If you are yet to start your business, you will be taken through a step-by-step process of testing your idea, preparing your business plan and deciding on the type of business structure to operate. Also, there is an exposition on the various sources of finance you could access to run your business as well as planning an effective promotional strategy.

If you are already running your business, this book will equally be useful to you. It will service as a “refresher course”, enabling you to re-focus and strengthen the very loose areas of your business operations. With the passage of time, our knowledge and competence levels will not meet the current market demands if we don’t develop ourselves. This book will therefore serve a unique need by changing the way you approach, manage and grow your business.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to test your business idea to be sure it will be profitable
  • How to effectively prepare a business plan
  • The various types of business structures to choose from
  • How you can raise the needed money for your business
  • How to market your business and put in the necessary controls

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