Clear-Ad – LHP-1185 – Acrylic Wall Mount Sign Holder & Picture Frame 11×8.5 in Bulk (Pack of 25)

Wall Hung Clear Acrylic Photo Holder

LHP-1185 is another great acrylic product from Clear-Ad, it is a 11×8.5 photo frame that can be secured to a wall or a flat surface. Its clear acrylic ensures that your message or picture can be viewed easily and clearly without and distortions or color loss. The Perspex is completely transparent and colorless so your pictures look exactly as they are.

Easy to Use and Completely Reusable

LHP-1185 is very easy to use. The photograph can be slipped between the front and the back sheet which hold it tightly in place. The precision manufacturing ensures that the gap is just right for a single sheet of paper to be held securely, no packing required. The frame is open at the top and on the sides and secured at the bottom. It is completely reusable as you can remove the old picture or sheet of paper and put in a new one whenever you want. Moreover, the tough acrylic sheet will last a life time without breaking or discoloring so you can enjoy your purchase for a long time to come.

Made in USA

All of Clear-Ad products are produced and manufactured in USA using the best quality acrylic sheets available in the market. They are molded to perfection and the edges are buffed to prevent injuries. These frames can be used at home, in public areas, at school, in offices, cafeterias, restaurants, etc. The package contains one LHP-0406 and the hardware required to hang it.

Product Features

  • UTILIZE THAT WALL SPACE: Why crowd up your counter space with countless picture frames holding photographs or messages? Use the wall mountable LHP-1185 from Clear-Ad. The premium acrylic office accessories and frame manufacturer, Clear-Ad is known for its value for money products. And this is no different.
  • CLEAR ACRYLIC PICTURE HOLDER: LHP-1185 is made with clear plastic that looks as good as glass, but much better as it is tough and does not break. It is completely transparent and clear for great visibility of your pictures. Use it to display your 11×8.5 portraits.
  • SANDWICH STYLE PHOTO FRAME: The photo frame is designed to hold the picture sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic. One forms the back, the other the front. The two sheets are bonded together with just enough gap in between to slip in your photograph.
  • WALL HUNG CLEAR ACRYLIC PHOTO HOLDER: LHP-1185 can be hung up on the wall. There are two holes on top of the back sheet to secure it flat against the wall. The frame is open at the top and the sides to allow you to easily slip in the paper.
  • PERFECT SIZE AND ORIENTATION: This acrylic photo holder is 11″ wide and 8.5″ long, perfect for a 11×8.5 portrait photograph or a postcard. Its portrait orientation makes it ideal for displaying warnings and short instructions in public areas. Comes with its own hardware to secure it to the wall.