From Likes To Leads: 36 Ways For Agents To Optimize Social Media And Make It Work For You

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change.” – Erik Qualman

Turn Your Social Media Into Sales Without Breaking Your Bank Account!

Create powerful change in your sales and lead generation by utilizing and optimizing your social media presence. Learn 36 methods of how to best engage your audience and turn them into YOUR brand advocates to keep customer’s coming in!

Insurance agents and financial services reps spend countless hours and money to get in front of people to sell their products. In this book, Luke shows you how to work smarter, not harder, to obtain the relationships and sales needed to make your agency grow through social media.

About The Author

Luke Kinton is a former insurance agent turned sales and digital marketing consultant/coach dedicated to helping insurance agents and financial representatives adapt to the changing demographics and Insurtech automation by using relationships and consultative selling to help agents stay relevant during changing times. He currently is licensed in P&C, Life/Health, and is registered with FINRA with his Series 6 & 63.

2 Hour Marketing Secrets: Proven 4 step system to transform your website in less than 5 days to get more traffic, leads, and conversion.

I started an online dating website with the goal of connecting people
who like to dance. I had observed that people who were single often
went out dancing alone. Furthermore, it wasn’t always easy for those
people to make a great connection on the dance floor. It usually takes
more than just one conversation for some people to gain a certain
comfort level. Besides its usually very loud on the dance floor, so I
wanted to give them an online platform to chat and mingle without all
the distractions. I set out to get as many members to my website as
possible. The issue was I didn’t have the marketing skills needed to
be successful, and I failed at it. I hired multiple marketing
agencies to help market my website, however that yield zero results.
So, I went on a mission to learn as much about traffic, leads and
conversion as possible. I learned some powerful strategies that had
also yield great outcomes. In addition, I had seen these strategies
work in all kinds of business not just mines. As I result I created
this book to share some of the strategies and secrets I learned, implementing these strategies will give your website just the boost it needs to go to the next level.

30K Leads in 30 Days: Real Estate Marketing Created by Antonio Coleman: Creative Real Estate Marketing Lead Generation

Gaining leads through smart, creative real estate marketing strategies is what I’m all about. I took my 15 years of online and offline marketing tactic and put them into one easy to read book just for you. Once you understand how real estate marketing actually works is when you will start to see the bigger picture. The goal is to know who your local competitors are, see what they are doing to market their real estate business. Next you want to take their blueprint and following their footprints to gain a balanced attack. From there you will need to double, triple your marketing efforts to overshadow them. This form of marketing is something we utilize every day in the online marketing world. You see it works even better for real estate because of the lack of online marketing most real estate people implement. Most people will do the causal ads, and facebook posts. This book takes what you know, and flip it over a thousand times to show you how effective the marketing. 30k leads in 30 days will teach you how to do the numbers to figure out exactly what you can expect when it comes to getting in front of targeted leads. I’ve worked day and night to put together a real estate marketing plan that works in each and every city. No matter your location all you need to do is read this simple and powerful book that will walk you through online domination. What will you learn? You will learn how to do keyword research to see who is searching for what online. If you want to rank for the “We Buy Houses” or Sell Your House Fast” keywords then 30k will walk you through it. Maybe you want to learn about building that online presence so you can, at least, be found online somewhere this books will help. What if you need to learn how to actually use facebook to get in front of a potential of thousands of leads at your disposal. This book will do just that, and much more.

Lead Generation Secrets: Your 10 Leads A Day Blueprint: How To Go From Zero To 10 Leads A Day in 30 Days Guaranteed

Are you struggling with your lead generation? We all know lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, but how do you get leads?

In this book Marquel Russell uncovers how to go from absolute ZERO to 10 leads per day hero in 30 days or less guaranteed.

In this book you will discover things like:

* The 10 leads per day formula

* The 4 E’s of social media marketing

* How to scale up to 25 Leads a day with paid traffic

* & so much more

If you’re stuck on lead generation then this book is for you. Grab your copy now!

Double Your Leads, Double Your Sales: A Quick Start Guide to Dramatic Lead Generation and Sales Conversion for Bridal Retailers

In Double Your Leads, Double Your Sales, Jim Butler reveals the twelve marketing funnels all bridal retailers and wedding professionals must use to attract more brides into their business. He also gives step-by-step instructions of thirty specific marketing activities you can use to attract more customers to you and your place of business. He also outlines eleven specific tactics you can use to write more persuasive copy in your marketing promotions. This ebook is a must have for any bridal retailer or wedding professional.

Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers: Kickstart your lead generation program and boost the number of leads you bring into your dealership

“Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers” focuses on giving dealers, marketing directors and sales managers the tools they need to develop an integrated marketing program to boost the number of leads they bring into their dealerships. Dealers will learn how to select the best marketing lists in their territory as ell as the most responsive marketing channels, including direct mail, telemarketing and social media marketing.

Pipeline: The sales prospecting system that generates leads and appointments without cold calling, buying expensive traffic or advertising

Need a Sales Prospecting System That Fills Your Sales Pipeline?

Start generating leads, sales and referrals for your products, services and solutions TODAY.

Struggling with prospecting and filling your sales funnel and pipeline?

I don’t suppose you know anyone who is:

  • Frustrated by a lack of a full, half-full or partially filled sales pipeline?
  • Perplexed by a lack of pre-qualified sales prospects in their sales funnel?
  • Struggling to prove to their boss or spouse that they’ve got sales revenue coming in?
  • Under pressure to generate better quality leads, win more sales & close more deals?

Now do you think they’d be interested in a sales and selling system that involves:

  • NO Cold calling or telecanvassing by phone
  • NO Investing in expensive traffic
  • NO Paid Advertising or Pay Per Click Advertising
  • NO Printing or mailing costs

Do you think they’d be interested if this powerful system could be replicated, duplicated
and implemented by each member of the sales team to create, engage and foster new
business relationships on a daily basis – resulting in more leads, prospects and referrals?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK TODAY

In Pipeline: The Sales Prospecting System, you will learn:

  • 29 questions you must answer before you doing any sales prospecting online
  • The 7 fundamental principles for filling your sales pipeline and why they work
  • 30 reasons why people WILL want to connect with you & enter your sales funnel
  • 7 reasons why suspects are not engaging with you and what to do about it
  • 10 common sales prospecting mistakes sales people make and how to avoid them
  • 11 Ways to fill your sales funnel with magnetic prospecting
  • How to automate your sales prospecting by pulling suspects & prospects to you
  • A no cost, high converting referral marketing tactic that works online and offline
  • How to lower your cost per lead, cost per sale & increase the life time value of clients
  • How to improve your sales management with a powerful new, effective sales strategy
  • 20 fill-in-the-blank sales prospecting templates for you to test & prove that they work
  • How the author pulled 250,000 people to him via the web without spending a penny
  • How to reach up to 813,000 targeted sales prospects with the click of a button
  • and much, much more…

How much would 1, 10 or 30 NEW sales be worth to you…?

(and the ability to generate more for whatever you choose to sell in the future?)

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How much would that be worth?

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Lead Generation Secrets: Lead Conversion Mastery: 5 Amazingly Powerful Strategies To Convert Your Leads Into Sales, Sign Ups, and Raving Fans Who Are Eager To Buy Whatever You Have to Offer

These lead generation secrets will help you convert more of the leads you generate.