L O L: From Homeless to Multimillion-dollar Global Business Leader

Growing up a poor girl in the heartland of America isn’t easy, but as a lifelong dreamer and optimist, a young Christy Dreiling became determined to make a good life for herself and her family. From a humble beginning and hunger to a series of bad marriages, as Christy’s mother made tough choices, and noble choices, in order to support her daughters, against all odds Christy forged a path to success, from becoming Miss Kansas Teen USA, to an actress, and eventually, a prominent businesswoman. Her remarkable journey details the role models, friendships, love, and passion for service that would guide her from a childhood in poverty to attaining a position as a multimillion-dollar global business leader. Now she shares with us the personal success tips and revelations that led her to find her calling and enabled her to achieve her goals. A true rags-to-riches story, LOL marks the ascent of an individual who endured a lifetime of discouragement before finding the success and happiness that she always wanted—and much more.

Be a Network Marketing Leader: Build a Community to Build Your Empire

Want to build a six-figure income business? Only a truly engaged and motivated team can get you there.

In Be a Network Marketing Leader, industry superstar Mary Christensen reveals how anyone can cultivate a community that brings out the best in everyone who joins. A community that individuals will be impatient to enter, energized to participate in, and reluctant to leave. When you focus on people ahead of products, they will contribute more and bring others into the fold–and your business will skyrocket. You’ll discover how to:

– Create a vibrant can-do culture

– Build team spirit

– Become an influential communicator

– Make everyone feel they belong, regardless of the contribution they make

– Coach instead of train

– Challenge your team members to aim higher

– Celebrate their achievements

– Embrace change to stay ahead of the game

– And much more

Ambitious goals require teamwork. Set your sights high and inspire others to follow–and you’ll all succeed.

Your 21st Century Business Card: How To Build Authority, Become A Recognized Industry Leader, Magnetically Attract Qualified Buyers, And Market Your Business 24 X 7

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Let’s face it. That 2×3 business card you’ve been handing out to people is outdated.

After a conference, you chuck most, if not all of the cards you’ve collected. Or put them in a box that eventually ends up in your garage, or a corner somewhere in your office.

Can you guess what others do to your 2×3 card?

Having a 2×3 business card no longer distinguishes you above your competitors.


Because your business card is one of 10 BILLION handed out every year in the U.S. alone.

Hold on — there’s hope!

There’s a new way of promoting yourself, your product and services, your business – to potential clients and customers.

It’s the “new kid on the block” — the new wave of business cards.

Introducing “Your 21st Century Business Card!”

When you acquire “Your 21st Century Business Card”, you can

…build authority

…become a recognized industry leader

…magnetically attract Qualified Buyers

…market your business 24 x 7

…position yourself as the “Go-To-Person” in your field, profession, trade or industry

…distinguish yourself above your competitor

…use it to promote you, your products and services, and your business, in a way thatt propels you ahead of your competitors

…clearly convey your unique value to your potential clients

…Include more than enough information into Your 21st Century Business Card so that your potential clients actually “hunt you down.” And you become the “hunted” instead of you always doing the “hunting”

…convince your prospects, that you are the expert they’ve been looking for — and that your product or service is the solution they really want

…and deliver incredible value that helps your prospective Customers get to KNOW you, LIKE you and TRUST you — WITHOUT sounding “SALESY.”

ALL this inside “Your (very own) 21st Century Business Card.”

With “Your 21st Century Business Card,”

…no more discarding your business cards

…no more junking it as soon as your back is turned.

…no more wasted words, wasted printing costs, or wasted business opportunities.

And you can partner with the #1 Seller in the known Universe,

as well as leverage the power of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Discover the power of “Your 21st Century Business Card” now.

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A Leader Has Values: Active learning strategies for engaging family and classroom discussions

Book Description

All leaders must transmit a message that inspires changes in attitude and action among their followers. Whether in the family, at work, in the community, in education, religion, or government, leaders must instill values which motivate their followers to move toward what is worthy of respect and honor. First of all, however, the leader must have a clear understanding of his or her values.

Author Kristi Kremers has done it again. She has created more than a book. These pages unfold with experiences to captivate the hearts and minds of children. In fact, they often do the same for their parents and teachers. As a parent, you may have wondered how to instill positive values in your children. This book provides an eclectic toolbox that you can tailor to the age and circumstances of every child. Its active learning strategies are fun and fascinating in both the home and the classroom.

The book brilliantly combines principles, patterns, and play. The well-written explanations, beautiful artwork, and enjoyable activities focus on a common objective. A Leader Has Values also teaches children that they must recognize when NOT to follow a leader. Let’s face it; many world crises could have been avoided if only people knew when to follow and when to go their own way.

This little volume teaches the meaning of values and explores the types of values we must acquire and clarify. Ms. Kremers includes quotations from such esteemed philosophers as Gautama Buddha, Thomas Jefferson, Jim Carrey and Elvis Presley. It has also incorporated the wisdom and traditions of Native Americans. The author uses a case study of Chief Hole-in-the-Day and the Ojibwe people with discussion questions focused on their values, leadership qualities, and traditions.

From this heritage comes the teachings of the seven grandfathers of the Anishinaabe-Ojibwe. They include love, humility, respect, generosity, truth, wisdom, and bravery. These prized values serve as a foundation for interaction between family members. These creative discussions, worksheets, and activities are designed to help children personalize the value concepts taught throughout the book. One remarkable quality of the book is its application of values across various cultural backgrounds: Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, and American pop culture.

This fascinating collection of insightful resources will become a family heirloom for those using it. It is enough to cause a teenager to set aside a smartphone and have a conversation with her parents!

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Network Marketing: How To Build Network Marketing Leader Step By Step From Newbies To Professional (network marketing, master plan for network marketing, … network marketing for social media,)

How To Build Network Marketing Leader Step By Step From Newbies To Professional

Do you wish to take your network marketing business to the next level? Do you wish you could delegate responsibilities to someone capable of managing your organization successfully, or someone who would not insistently pester you with every contingency? Do you desire to take a break from leading and organizing activities and finally dedicate some quality time to your family without having to worry about the state of your business in your absence?

If you answered these questions with a yes, you’re desperately in need of a network marketing leader. Yes, a network-marketing leader is the solution to your problems. He or she can help liberate you by managing your business amazingly well.

Unfortunately, finding a capable network-marketing leader is an enormously challenging task. Not everyone is born a leader; but as you well know, you can build a leader from the distributors working within your network marketing business.

Nonetheless, it gets better. You can create; not one, but many remarkable leaders and train them to handle your company like pros, as you have been doing all these years.

Wondering how to accomplish this goal? Well, this book will serve that purpose. Created to help you build professional and extraordinarily capable network marketing leaders, this book contains crucial information you need in order to actualize your objective: creating remarkable network marketing leaders.

You need this book

Here what you will learn in this book

  • Understanding Network Marketing Companies, Network Marketing Distributors, and Network Marketing Leaders
  • What is A Network Marketing Company?Understanding Network Marketing Companies, Network Marketing Distributors, and Network Marketing Leaders
  • What is A Network Marketing Company?
  • Insight: Who are Networking Marketing Distributors, and What Is Their Role?What, Or, Who Exactly Is A Network Marketing Leader?
  • Step 1: How to Identify Potential Leaders from Existing DistributorsHow to Identify Potential leaders
  • Step 2: Set Clear Objectives and Birth DeterminationHow to Mold Distributors into Potential Leaders
  • Step 3: Knowledge Is KeyHow To Provide Valuable Knowledge To Potential Leaders
  • Step 4: Teach Potential Leaders Management and Leadership SkillsHow to Teach Potential Leaders Leadership Skills How to Teach Your Leaders Management Skills
  • Step 5: Instill Growth in Your Leaders-In-Waiting How to Cultivate Crazy growth in Potential leaders
  • Step 6: Improve Their EfficiencyHow To Improve Efficiency In Leaders-In-Training
  • Step 7: Discuss the Significance of Favors

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