Social Media Marketing: A Practitioner Guide (Opresnik Management Guides Book 2)

The new KOTLER Social Media Marketing Compendium: Marketing communication is undergoing a digital revolution. The increasing popularity of blogging, podcasting, and social networks enables world customers to broadcast their views about a product or service to a potential audience of billions. Traditional advertising does not work as well as it has in the past.

This book on ‘Social Media Marketing’ guides through the maze of communities, platforms, and social media tools so that markers can decide which ones to use, and how to use them most effectively. With an objective approach and clear, straightforward language, it shows how to plan and implement campaigns intelligently, and then measure results and track return on investment. For beginners overwhelmed by too many choices as well as seasoned professionals eager to improve their game, this comprehensive book is full of tactics that have been proven to work in the real marketing world. This book will take you beyond the jargon to social media marketing mastery. But that is not all. This book is like a guide through your social media marketing strategy process. All the insights will naturally be explained, but you will also learn how to arrive at them. So here you will read, for example, not only that you need to communicate you brand in a consistent way to enhance ex-posure, but you also need to learn how to set up your communication strategy as a good basis for increasing and maintain your value add and brand proposition – all written in a concise and easy to understand manner.

‘This book is an indispensable guidance for 21st century professional marketers, who seek to leverage social media to win in consumer communication.’
Kohzoh Takaoka, President & CEO, Nestlé Japan Ltd.

‘In marketing today, there is social media and everything else. This is the book that will help you master social media, the indispensable element in every marketing program.’
Al Ries, Chairman, Ries & Ries

‘This book is a comprehensive treatment of social media marketing where the principles and strategies laid out for the executives could result in a significant profitable growth for many firms.’
V Kumar, Ph.D., Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair, & Regents’ Professor of Marketing, Georgia State University, USA

The authors
Philip Kotler is the S. C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and one of the world’s leading authorities on marketing. His writing has defined marketing around the world for the past decades. Philip Kotler is the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees and is widely considered as the ‘Father of Modern Marketing’.

Svend Hollensen is an Associate Professor of International Marketing at the University of Southern Denmark. He is the author of globally published textbooks and several articles in well-recognised journals. Svend Hollensen has also worked as a consultant for several multinational companies, as well as global organizations like the World Bank.

Marc Opresnik is a disinguished Professor of Marketing at Luebeck University of Applied Sciences and Member of the Board of Directors at SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen. He is Chief Research Officer at Kotler Impact Inc. and a global co-author of marketing legend Philip Kotler. With his many years of international experience, Marc Opresnik is one of the world’s most renowned marketing, management and negotiation experts.

The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Master (Online Business Marketing Guides Book 3)

Content is king when it comes to marketing your online business. Do it right and reap the benefits. Do it poorly and watch your domain fade away and get lost in the white noise of the internet. In this book you will discover what it takes to create content that sells.Everything from headline copy to social media marketing is addressed. A reference guide, packed with information and examples, this is a must have.

Snapchat for Dummies: The Complete Guide to Understanding Snapchat: (Social Media Guides for Adults)

In this to-the-point guidebook, you will learn all that you’ve been wondering about Snapchat, all in just a few minutes! This guide is loaded with dozens of pictures, which will quickly help you get up and running on the popular app!

Snapchat is a hit social networking app that has over 150 million daily users and 300 million monthly users, from all across the world – if you haven’t noticed by now, everyone is using it! It’s time to get with the times, and in this book you will learn everything that you need to quickly get set up and using the app like a professional! We will talk about all of the essential elements of using Snapchat. Inside, we will:

– Cover all of Snapchat’s terminology

– Explain how to add Filters, Lenses, and other cool effects to your Snaps

– How to connect with all of your friends

– How to Face Swap, turn into a bunny, change your voice, and do tons of other epic effects in the app

And TONS more! So what are you waiting for – open me up now, and start learning!

2-in-1 Bundle – Udemy & Networking: 2 Essential Step-By-Step Guides on How to Make Money Online with Udemy + Network Marketing(Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube & More)

Udemy: The Essential Step-By-Step Guide on How to Make Money Online with Udemy is a first-step guide focused on helping you generating a passive income by creating online courses with Udemy, the leading online learning experience today. With the right amount of hard work, a love for knowledge, and a willingness to provide valuable high-quality courses, you’ll be able to take what you’re passionate about and share it with the world. And make a profit!

This guide covers how to approach your first projects, how to work throughout the projects, and what you need to do after the courses are complete. Subject matter includes:

• What you need, including hardware, software, and knowledge.

• How to determine the best topics, including ideas on how to conduct market research while simultaneously beginning your marketing work.

• The basics of how to build your course with quality in mind.

• Some things to consider while submitting your courses online.

• Marketing through multiple channels before and after your course is available, including finding affiliate marketers, generating multiple outlets of interest, and taking advantage of your currently built networks.

While reading a book can’t transform you into a brilliant Udemy instructor, this guide will teach you what to expect and save a lot of the guesswork involved. Furthermore, in the true nature of learning something completely, this book teaches you how to teach yourself the important aspects of creating an income through great online content. Here’s to your new passive income stream!


This book will help you understand what social media marketing is, the strategies to use, and how to make money networking.

Loaded with useful tips, we will cover the different social sites that you can network on, and explain how you can use each to its full potential.

It will help those of you who are new in social media marketing to achieve true success.


Smashwords Book Marketing Guide – How to Market any Book for Free (Smashwords Guides 2)

Learn how to market any book. This popular book marketing primer has helped over 100,000 authors and publishers dramatically improve their book marketing results.

The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide contains practical, easy-to-implement advice on how to market any book. 41 simple, do-it-yourself marketing tips explain not what you can do to market your book, but also explain the context and thinking behind each recommendation. The marketing techniques apply equally well to both ebooks and print books.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide:

Table of Contents

Introduction: About the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide
Background on Smashwords
Setting expectations
How Smashwords helps authors and publishers market books
Adopting a proactive marketing mindset
Marketing starts now
Hyperlinks help readers discover books
The importance of authors helping authors

41 Marketing Tips (all free to implement!)
Tip #1 – Update your email signature
Tip #2 – Post a notice on your web site or blog
Tip #3 – Contact your friends, family, co-workers and fans
Tip #4 – Post a notice to your social networks
Tip #5 – Update your message board signatures
Tip #6 – How to reach readers with Twitter
Tip #7 – Publish more than one book to create a multiplier effect
Tip #8 – Advertise your other books in each book you publish
Tip #9 – Make it easy for your readers to connect with you
Tip #10 – Issue a press release on a free PR wire service
Tip #11 – Join HARO, Help-a-reporter-online for free press leads
Tip #12 – Encourage fans to purchase and review your book
Tip #13 – Write thoughtful reviews for other books
Tip #14 – Participate in online forums
Tip #15 – Experiment with coupons
Tip #16 – Write a blog
Tip #17 – Write guest columns for blogs
Tip #18 – Invite other authors to post to your blog
Tip #19 – Do Q&A interviews of other authors on your blog
Tip #20 – Join the conversation on blogs
Tip #21 – Organize a blog tour
Tip #22 – Use Google Alerts to discover where the conversations are taking place
Tip #23 – Leverage YouTube videos to reach readers
Tip #24 – Print up business cards
Tip #25 – Encourage your fans to become affiliate marketers of your book
Tip #26 – Create a reader’s guide at the end of your book
Tip #27 – Insert sample chapters from your other books
Tip #28 – Do a sample chapters swap with another author
Tip #29 – Invite other authors to join you at Smashwords
Tip #30 – Promote your book to the top ebook listing sites
Tip #31 – Read the Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success
Tip #32 – Upgrade your cover image
Tip #33 – Share these marketing tips with your fellow authors!
Tip #34 – Create an online calling card with
Tip #35 – Create a presentation and upload it to
Tip #36 – Join LinkedIn, post links to your books
Tip #37 – Do a presentation at your local library on ebook publishing
Tip #38 – Tweak your Viral Catalysts to make your book more discoverable and desirable
Tip #39 – Link to every retailer to reach more readers
Tip #40 – Distribute your book as a preorder
Tip #41 – Publish a Smashwords Interview

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Earn up to 55$: for every free sign up (MONEY MAKER GUIDES Book 1)

In this Guide I’ll show you how to earn up 55$ for every free sign up. You can earn 10.000$ Weekly if you work 10 – 15 hours a day like is described in this book. Its really possible you have only to try it and work on it. You can see on the pictures in the book how much i earn weeky with this Method. Just give it a try now and thank me later for your new profitable home work.

Money Making Bundle: The Ultimate Guides on Money Making. Learn How to Earn Money Easily With Amazon FBA, eBay and Other Online Businesses (Money Making, Network Marketing, Debt Free)

Why choose just one when you can have 10 in 1? Sit back and enjoy ?your free time with ?this ?sampler of the best Money Making Bundle books:

Selling On Ebay: Amazing Guide With Outstanding Tips for Selling Items on eBay for Absolute Beginners by Eileen Blake

Amazon FBA: Top 10 Tools That Will Bring You Profit Using Amazon FBA by Samuel Bishop

Network Marketing: 20 Amazing Lessons on How to Build a Successful Team and Become a Network Marketing Guru by Colin Ross

Debt Free: Learn Top 15 Tips For Becoming Debt Free by Curt Snow

Personal Finance: 22 Expert Personal Finance Tips You Have to Know by Adrienne Leach

The Budget Entrepreneur: 15 Budget Planning Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know For Starting a Business by Adrienne Leach

Photography business: 20 Amazing Ways to Earn Money Making Beautiful Photographs by Percy Newman

Photography business: An Amazing Guide for Every Photographer to Start Their Own Business by Elton Carr

Penny Stock: 12 Facts Everyone Should Know About Penny Stocks Investing to Get Started With Online Stock Trading by Jay Morrow

Kindle Publishing: Cracking the Secrets of Self-publishing on Amazon Kindle to Maximize Your Chances of Earning Money by Adrienne Leach


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Plan Your Retirement Box Set (6 in 1): Get Amazing Guides on How to Grow Your Passive Income, Save Money, Experience Financial Freedom and Plan Your Retirement (Retirement & Financial Freedom)

Plan Your Retirement Box Set (6 in 1) Get Amazing Guides on How to Grow Your Passive Income, Save Money, Experience Financial Freedom and Plan Your Retirement

Get SIX books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Mobile Home Investing
  • Overseas Real Estate Investment
  • Experience Financial Freedom
  • Plan Your Retirement
  • The Step-by-Step E-Commerce Guide
  • Amazon FBA Startup Guide

In Mobile Home Investing, you’ll learn A Step-by-Step Guide to Buy, Sell & Rent Mobile Homes for Profit

In Overseas Real Estate Investment, you’ll learn A Step- by- Step Guide to Buy, Sell & Rent Real Estate Abroad

With Experience Financial Freedom, you’ll get A Guide to Saving Money & Creating Passive Income

In Plan Your Retirement, you’ll learn 9 Steps So You Can Retire Happily

In The Step-by-Step E-Commerce Guide, you’ll learn how to Market Your Products, Boost Sales, & Grow Your Passive Income

With Amazon FBA Startup Guide, you’ll get How to Use Amazon FBA to Work from Home in an Easy and Effective Manner

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