Fiverr Gold Mine: 30+ Fiverr Gigs To Work From Home & Earn Money Online

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Well, this book has tips on how you can maximize your revenue and earn upwards of $50 / customer as well as 30+ gigs a lot of these gigs are unique combinations of different types of services that you probably haven’t heard before. All packed into one short yet actionable book. You can also work from home.

You’ll learn about gigs that take a few minutes, and gigs that may take up to an hour, however, you’ll be able to hand-pick all the gigs that you think you can consistently complete, as well as tricks to earn way more than the standard $4 / customer. You can potentially earn upwards of $50 / customer.

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Targeted Lead Generation: 40+ Ways To Find The Gold Of New Business

This book is designed to help you understand and implement methods and techniques for Lead Generation… so you get the greatest amount of leads and the right leads for your effort.

We help you understand the methods and techniques for generating leads.

There are so many!

Every day we are slammed with new lead generation techniques whether it is by email, text, or even snail mail.

It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the different techniques available.

In this book, we will share over 40 methods and together build a plan that will fill your funnel with leads using the methods that work best for you.

We call this technique, the 5×5 Lead Generation Process.

The book introduces you to many examples of how different lead generation techniques work, giving you a better feel for how they could relate to both you and your organization.

Make money- buy gold: Safest and best investment strategy in the world

This is not getting rich-quick-scheme book! In this book, you will learn how to apply what to me is easiest and low risk taking long-term saving strategy.

This book will help you save money in the way you probably never thought about.

Make your money work for you with the least risk possible!

And the best way about it- you will always be in control!

In this book, you will learn not only how to make yourself save more money, but you will also be making a bigger return on your savings and you will risk less than if you chose to keep your money in a bank.

With minimum effort and a little discipline you can make your money work for you! This book will show you the rest!

Mobile Search …the Rush for Mobile Gold

A Gold Rush is going on, and Mobile Search is why. Get in on the Mobile Search Gold Rush before you are passed by.

Mobile Search is the foundation that the mobile marketing industry has been failing to recognize. Reach the customer by bombarding them with push-style messages? This is what using traditional marketing did, and we learned that consumers would rather find the businesses online with which they cared to do business. But they never forgot the companies that tried to bury them in solicitations. They hate them to this day and beyond. Marketers, who have gotten superb at the ‘Inbound Marketing” strategies of content, relationship building and nurturing failed to pay attention to mobile. Consumers are never far away from their mobile devices and are surfing the net regularly for information and entertainment. Incorporating mobile into every business’ marketing strategy will change their world. Mobile search is the way.

The world’s eyes are on mobile. Mobile technology is at its greatest stage of growth, and the tsunami of mobile is growing larger still in its momentum. While the focus has been on mobile for some time, an amazing eight out of ten websites are not mobile capable. These outdated, static sites cannot be viewed on a mobile device without scrolling left/right and up/down. Search from mobile websites changes all that. With a global society focused on mobile devices, performing the search on their smartphones and tablets daily, it makes little sense why businesses worldwide have yet to figure out mobile’s real potential.

aLLreLi ALLAP0609GD1 Heavy Duty Series 3.3-Feet Lightning to USB Nylon Braided Cable for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, iPad 4, Air, Air 2, Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPod 5th, nano 7th generation – Gold

aLLreLi Apple Lightning to USB Cable [Heavy Duty]

Keeping your Apple device charged and updated is important if you want to be able to fully enjoy all that it can do. At aLLreLi, we believe that keeping your device running perfectly shouldn’t have to be a challenge or a hassle. That’s why we’ve developed the aLLreLi Apple Lightning Cable to USB Cable especially with the latest Apple mobile devices in mind.

Because our lightning cable is Apple MFI Certified, you can count on it to function optimally with any Apple mobile device that has a Lightning port, including:

– iPhone 6 / Plus
– iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C
– iPad Air 2013
– iPad mini / iPad Mini 2 II with Retina Display 2013
– iPad 4th Gen (with Retina Display)
– iPod Touch 5th Gen
– iPod Nano 7th Gen

These Apple devices were made to sync and charge faster than other mobile devices, but with an ordinary USB cable you’re not guaranteed to get the full benefits of their fast technologies. That’s why you simply can’t afford to choose anything other than the aLLreLi Apple Lightning Cable to USB Cable if you want to use your phone, tablet or iPod to the fullest.

Our iPhone charging cable features an advanced design to eliminate all of the hassles that other cables can cause. Measuring 3.3 feet in length, the Apple lightning cable lets you reach a power source from a greater distance than the average lightning cable, so you can recharge via computer or car or wall adapter with ease. Our USB cable has been stylishly designed, so that it will add a fashionable finishing touch to your desk, bedroom, living room or wherever else you charge. We even made our connector extra slim to fit inside the openings of almost all cases on the market today.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your iPod, iPad or iPhone charging cable. Choose the lightning cable that’s stylish, convenient and engineered to perform.

Product Features

  • FULLY APPLE MFI CERTIFIED: Don’t take chances with other cables! Our Apple Lightning Cable is guaranteed to work with all iPhone, iPad & iPod models equipped with lightning ports
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED INSIDE & OUT: Lightning cable is optimized for the fastest possible charging and syncing;Stylish look with nylon braided cord
  • MADE TO FIT YOUR CASE: Why should you have to remove your phone’s protection to charge and sync? The profile of the connector on our iPhone charging cable will fit inside nearly all case openings to save you time and keep your phone safe(please Note these cables don’t always fit all the cases!)
  • A WHOLE LOT MORE LENGTH: This USB cable for Apple devices is at 1.0M, so it’s more convenient to use whether you’re charging at your desk, in the car or using a wall outlet
  • THE LAST APPLE LIGHTNING CABLE: YOU’LL NEED We warranty our USB cable for a lifetime, so you can count on it to last

Almost Free Money: How to Make Extra Money on Free Items That You Can Find Anywhere, Including Garage Sales, Thrift Shops, Scrap Metal and Finding Gold

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Almost Free Money is a compilation of ten years of research into materials that can easily be found in any location around the world for free or under $1. The book teaches readers methods for effectively reselling items online on eBay and at the Amazon marketplace with extremely high profit rates.

Almost Free Money provides valuable information for people looking for easy ways to make money fast. Readers are provided step-by-step instructions for finding free (or almost free) things to sell on eBay and Amazon, and reselling the items from home on the internet.

Almost Free Money provides an exciting and fun way for people to add a second income, or start their very own online home based business with very low start-up costs. It is also an excellent way for temporarily unemployed people and stay at home Moms or Dads to make ends meet.

The book provides even experienced eBay and Amazon sellers over 500 items to sell that are free or under $1, and has many ideas for locating inventory, making auctions and Amazon listings and how to handle your business. It also adds many new avenues to make money by teaching sellers how to sell on Amazon, how to sell scrap metal to minimize unsold items, and how to find gold and silver for cheap.

The document includes chapters on:

  • Locating Free Items to Sell
  • What to Sell on eBay and How to Sell on eBay
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Basics of Selling Scrap Metal
  • Your First Trip to a Scrap Metal Dealer
  • Where to Find Gold and Silver for Cheap
  • Selling Vintage Electronics
  • Garage Sale Shopping
  • Income Tax Issues and Organizing Your Business

The appendices contain lists of over 520 items that you can find for free or almost free, and a list of items with dedicated values, and where to sell them. Includes excellent links for enhancing your knowledge base.

Are you looking for a way to make money fast from home? Are you looking to start a home business using the internet? Are you looking to add a second income, but don’t have much extra time? Do you enjoy going to garage sles, yard sales, and estate sales? Do you have fun thrift store shopping, or looking for bargains at Goodwill or Salvation army stores? Are you looking for places to find gold and silver for free? Are you an eBay or Amazon reseller looking for new ways to add inventory for cheap? Would you like to know how to sell scrap metal to add another income stream to your portfolio? Are you ready to start making money from home, with very little start-up costs? If you answered YES to any of these questions, Almost Free Money will teach you how to make more money, and you will have fun while you do it!

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Deep Equity: How to Mine Your Business for Its Hidden Gold!: It’s Not the Next Big Thing; It’s the Only Thing!

When I put pen to paper or keyboard to word document, I found myself with an enormous amount of useful marketing material I’ve used since 1992. This experience is drawn from many different business entities including Sales and Marketing Manager for numerous well known health clubs; ownership and management of my children’s wellness center; ownership of my fitness consulting company and my small business consulting company. Several of these companies I continue to own and consult to from afar. The strategies I talk about in this book are still in place at these companies.

Even though I truly believe we are all 1 or 2 great marketing ideas away from more sales opportunities than we can fully imagine, I believe the first two chapters are as important as the following eight. The strategies in this book – when implemented with strategy and care – are guaranteed to make you more money with less effort. These are strategies that have helped businesses just like yours make hundreds of thousands of dollars – including your competitors.

This is the reason I have dedicated my life to Business Consulting. Since starting my company to provide direction for small business operators, I have literally been overwhelmed with the demand for marketing campaigns, business structure, accountability programs, and the need for small business operators to surround themselves with someone that cares and provides a proper and profitable third party perspective.

As you follow this book and read the principles to follow, remember it does not matter what industry nor type of business you operate (I’ve been part of many). What matters is that you grasp the heart of the principles and the underlying lessons and strategies that can help grow any operation in any category of business imaginable.

Yours in success,

-Tim Wesley

PS. If you would like to arrange a meeting to get a profitable third party perspective on your business, please send an email to and we will gladly point you in the right direction.

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101 Ways To Make $1000 Quickly – A Proven collection of income generating ideas for those who need fast cash (PUBLISHERS GOLD AWARD)

101 Ways To Make $1000 Quickly is Jam Packed with ideas!

Here is a proven collection of income generating ideas for anyone who need fast cash!

We all could use some extra cash from time to time. the trouble is most of us have never taken the time to explore the multitude of possibilities that are available.

Best selling Small Business author Dan Howe returns with 101 Ways To Make $1000 Quickly – An easily implemented, workable collection of income generating ideas for those who need cash and need it fast.

Inside you’ll find over 100 proven methods (both online and off) for harvesting fast financial returns both online and off. Some may already be familiar to you but many will be groundbreaking new ways to look at getting your hands on some extra money when you need it most.


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Inside You’ll discover:

  • How to use your home to generate money that could even pay out month after month.
  • How to get a grip on what you already have and stop spending so much on unnecessary expenses.
  • How little by little micro projects can add up to some big bucks.
  • The right way to sell your junk for the biggest cash payout.
  • How to use arts & crafts as your ticket to easy money
  • What you can do to squeeze more money out of your day job
  • …As well as how to find tons of moonlighting gigs that will boost your bottom line!
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