How To Become A Lead Generation Machine At Trade Shows And Exhibitions: How To Become A Lead Generation Machine At Trade Shows And Exhibitions

When you exhibit at trade show do potential prospects (ie potential sales and cash) walk straight by your stand/booth? Have you ever spent a small fortune on your brand and image and you still find you’d meet and talk to more people at a Mary Celeste reunion party. Trade shows are all about lead generation, the more leads we generate the more chance we have of increasing sales. Even though this book touches on what to do before and after an exhibition, it concerns itself primarily with what you need to do on the stand to generate solid leads. Content covers how to: Stop prospects dead in their tracks and make them WANT to talk to you Qualify prospects quickly in a way they WANT to give you the information you need, so when you follow up they are already warm leads Dump unwanted visitors and still be respected and have them smile when you’ve done it Calculate the cost of exhibiting and how many leads you need to generate to at least break even Make the time pass quickly, be continuously energised and do more with less This is the hand book for everyone and anyone who is on the front line at a trade show manning the stand/booth and will turn even the shyest person into a lead generation machine. This is not about aggressive selling but how to build trust with complete strangers ethically who may be interested in your product or services so you’ll sell more.