Mobile app user engagement done right!: The ultimate guide to help you make your users loyal and boost your revenues

Based on the extensive mobile app marketing work with many app developers as a co-founder of

The vast majority of mobile app publishers / developers fail to make a living. Most of them fail to maintain a relationship with their users, help them use the app, get them to love it and convert them to loyal or paying users.

This e-book is designed to help mobile app pros crack the world of user engagement. It is clear today that you can’t win the game with installs only. Period. That ship has sailed long ago. It’s the number of engaged users that will determine your level of success.

This book will train you on how to communicate with your users, based on their actions taken in the app, how to get them familiar with the app’s values, make them use it more often, and how to get a positive, growing trend of ULV (user live value)

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses: The Key to Customer Engagement, Mobile Visibility, and More Sales

In this book you will learn why your small business needs its own Mobile App to be successful. According to Forbes Magazine, most Americans spend on average, 170 minutes a day on a mobile device. So, what does that mean for you as a small business…MOBILE VISIBILITY is a must. Fortune 500 companies get it! 95% of them have their own Mobile App, while only 5% of small businesses have their own Mobile App. Today, more than ever, it is essential for small businesses to know their customer interest, engage as much as possible, and build a reputable brand to be successful.

BONUS MATERIAL: In this book I have added a section titled “Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 2017.” You will learn the latest Digital Marketing trends and strategies to be successful in 2017. You will also get FREE access to my Digital Marketing Plan Kit (valued at $75), which includes a 42-page Marketing Plan Template, The Science of Generating Online Leads, Social Media Marketing, and more!

Social Media Marketing: How to Master Engagement In 15 Minutes a Day (Empowerpreneur Books)

The key to Social Media Success is developing your brand, creating a strategy, awesome content and daily engagement. In this book you will learn to create a successful social media strategy, what content to post to get engagement and how to limit engagement to 15 minutes a day.

Engagement in 15 Minutes A Day
The strategy is built for people that understand the value, impact and power of social media on their business and yet struggle to get clients online. This book is for you if you
•Want a clear, concise plan to get results
•Want to attract the right people
•Are ready to take action now
•Are ready to use social media to increase traffic, leads and sales

Develop Your Brand Package
Learn to market yourself; not a fabricated version you may think the world wants to see, but the real you. Use your personality to build a following, an Awesome Nation™, by building real relationships.

Create Your Social Media Itinerary
Too many businesses randomly throw money at different tools, people and ideas when online marketing and wondering why they fail. In order for social media to work you must have a strategy. By having a plan to achieve all your social media objectives you will be able to measure, track, and monitor your success.

Prepare Your Content
If you are not putting out unique and awesome content in your social media you are doomed to fail. This book will show you time saving strategies to create and publish valuable content your Awesome Nation will love.

Bring Your Luggage and Connect with the Locals
This book shows you what tools you need and how to engage on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube in 15 minutes a day. By being prepared with a plan you can stop wasting time on social media and start engaging and building relationships in 15 minutes a day.

Stay Connected and Don’t Forget to Check-in
“Social Media is a marathon, not a sprint”. By embarking on this social media journey you are in it for the long haul. You can’t set it and forget it. Social Media success is about being social. You need to spend time interacting with others, connecting with people and building relationships daily and this book will show you how.