White Paper Marketing; More Sales Leads, Less Effort

White Paper Marketing, 2nd Edition, More Sales Leads, Less Effort explains how to transform ineffective and costly push advertising marketing campaigns into highly qualified pull marketing programs by using information documents (edu-marketing). In this updated edition, you will learn step by step how to develop, write, promote and track white paper marketing programs. White paper marketing objectives include sales lead generation, improving search engine ranking value, increasing web traffic, developing credibility value, relationship building, and direct product sales. While some companies are getting better at using white papers to attract qualified inquiries, many white paper marketing programs can be enhanced by designing white papers to include additional response channels, finding more effective places to publish white papers, and by writing white papers in a style that better engages and motivates the reader. Discover some of the common mistakes companies make when using white papers in their marketing programs, including the defining the wrong objectives, failing to insert and measure response channels, and ineffectively designing the flow of white paper content (poor scanability and readability). You will learn how to create effective white papers by writing in a style that pulls the reader into the white paper, and by developing reader personas that allow you to use keywords and phrases that are specific to your targeted readers. Key locations where your white paper should be made available are explained, including self-publishing options, white paper directories and authority web sites. You will learn about white paper sponsorship options, and how to use sponsorship as a way to get your message in front of more qualified people. Getting white papers hosted on other web sites may require a white paper submission process that includes the submission of data, descriptions and classification information, as well as review by a subject matter expert. Some important things to consider when submitting white papers to directories or authority sites include avoiding duplicate content and audience matching. White paper response channels include gated access downloads, embedded links for supporting information, and inbound contact listings. Learn why the planning, design and insertion of tracking mechanisms for white paper response channels should be performed early in the white paper development process. Key ways to measure the success of white papers are described, including the number of summary page views, the view to download ratio, and inquiry response rates. You will learn several methods of the tracking inquires and actions that result from your white paper, including how to track inbound calls and links to resources. White paper economics are explained along with recommendations for revenue tracking and cost reduction. You will be able to identify the key roles necessary for white paper development and understand the approximate costs for such services. This book includes a sample white paper development project which describes the process from concept (worksheet) to implementation (sample white paper). The worksheet includes key elements, including the problem statement, pain points, a solution promise, key issues, solution teasers and reference lists, as well as other items. Learn how the 10 step development process simplifies the creation of effective white papers.

Ancient Secrets Of Lead Generation: Your Primitive Business Guide To Better Leads With Less Effort (PrimitiveBusiness.com) (Volume 2)

“Who Else Wants Leads On Demand?”

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Introduction To Ancient Secrets Of Lead Generation:

The contents of this book will include everything you need to know
about lead generation regardless of industry you’re in. I do have to
warn you though, the best lead generation method for you may not
be what you think it is.

This may surprise you. Initially it may take work and effort to get it
dialed in. But if your goal is to generate leads so you can make more
money and if you want a higher ROI for your time, energy and effort –
I guarantee the contents of this book will teach you everything you
need to generate better quality leads on demand for your business.

The first thing you must understand about lead generation and
marketing is everything we are, have and do today evolved from very
intimate communal groups of people. Before electricity, before cell
phones, before computers and the internet, business was done face to
face, eye to eye, with a handshake between you and me. ”

Other Things You’ll Discover From This Book & The Rest Of The “Primitive Business” Series:

  • The real reason why most lead generation efforts fail.
    (Almost no one understand the startling implications.)
  • The single biggest complaint customers have about the businesses they
    deal with!
  • A dead “giveaway” which proves which customers are ready to
    give you more money.
  • A ‘old school’ marketing system (still relevant as of today) that any
    entrepreneur can use to instantly (and safely) boost sales and your
    bottom line.

    NOTE: This will not only improve short term profitability… but also…
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  • A secret almost nobody (except a few elite very wealthy people) know
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  • What most modern business owners forgot about management & leadership..
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  • The single-most important thing you can do to make your income more
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  • The single-most important thing a business owner can focus on!
  • Three sure-fire ways to tell if your future businesses income is growing
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  • How any business can make all of their successful marketing campaigns
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  • Almost fool-proof marketing success system: It’s 99% effective, but so new,
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  • The number one rule which absolutely… must be observed.. for business
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  • Plus much more!

The Primitive Business Series from BestBusinessCoach.ca is designed to explain
how you can make a profound impact for yourself and your business income using
simple innovations which changed us from a hunter/gatherer society and simple
ideas created vast fortunes for ancient business owners.

These tools I’m giving you WILL make a difference. You can and WILL improve
your lifestyle and earning potential. But you must believe you can and

You won’t act if you don’t believe. If you don’t act you won’t get results. If you
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If not and after reading this book plus my other works you sincerely believe it
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