The Do’s & Don’ts of Business Development & Inside Sales: What They Don’t Tell You

The Do’s & Don’ts of business development and inside sales. Techniques that get results to build a faster and more qualified pipeline. No more smiling and dialing techniques. Gain access to decision makers using these techniques. Great for anyone in business development, lead generation, marketing, sales and leadership. From emails to trade shows to using LinkedIn, the right way. Also included in the book are templates to use for emailing prospects and setting up calls.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Affiliate Marketing: Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

Have you tried affiliate marketing? Have you got single cent reflected in your bank account. I know of millions of people –who tried affiliate marketing for six months and did not earn a penny. Additionally you have to watch out for sites, who would not pay you a penny even if you earn $55. Well this book is general book, but if you really want to know nuts and bolts then contact us