Lead Generation Handbook: 63 Ways You Might Not Have Thought Of To Get More Prospects, More Quickly, At Less Cost

Whether you are the sole proprietor of a small professional services firm or a business development manager with a corporate giant, the chances are good that lead generation is at the top of your list of marketing priorities. For most businesses, getting new business is challenging and, executed poorly, can consume time and financial resources far more quickly than sales are able to sustain. And it seems to get tougher with every passing year. Competition increases. Choices proliferate. Buyers are savvier, and they have access to more information than ever before.This handbook contains ideas you can explore as you look for ways to improve the lead generation process for your organization. The list is not comprehensive, and not all of the ideas described here are suitable for every type of business. It is merely intended as a guide to help you start thinking about new things to try and what might work in your particular situation.

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PPC Traffic & Profits Machine: Instant Traffic at a Fraction of the Cost

This is a simple system for creating fast, highly targeted campaigns in minutes. It shows you how to eliminate any chance of losing money to faulty PPC campaigns. Take advantage of this “fail proof” formula for driving in quality traffic while instantly reducing your advertising costs. And finally, learn how to dominate the PPC market for maximum profits WITHOUT Adwords!

101 Lead Generation Ideas that Work: Ultra-Low Cost Sales and Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

So you started running your own small business but you quickly come to the realisation that you needed a bit more
than just the ability to deliver your services to clients.
One of the biggest challenges for us is getting leads into the business. We were trained as IT consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Coaches and Artisans.
We were not trained into how to sell and in the early part of our businesses life it can be difficult to find the cash to
bring in professional help.
This book helps bridge the gap, with two bonus sections on online lead management and search engines.
Start Generating leads without spending a fortune.

What Most Business Owners Don’t Know And Will Never Know About Internet Marketing: Discover many low cost internet lead generation tactics that you can … Linkedin, Facebook and Email Marketing)

What Most Business Owners Don’t Know…And Will Never Know…About Internet Marketing

“For any business to succeed in the current era using internet marketing isn’t an option any longer, it’s an absolute must!”

The purpose of this Book is to educate and encourage business owners and managers on the main aspects of internet marketing so that you can learn, and apply, the key principles along with your traditional marketing techniques to literally leapfrog your competitors whilst generating substantially more sales, profits and cash.

Internet marketing has now become a necessity as part of your marketing strategies. Without Internet Marketing it’s highly unlikely your company can increase sales or revenues.

Discover many low or no-cost internet lead generation tactics that you can begin using today to double your marketing results immediately.

#1 Best Selling Author, JOHN NORTH is a versatile and well-rounded entrepreneur with a solid background in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Personal Development IT, Marketing and Business Management. John’s passion is to help business owners become more strategic and smarter about their marketing efforts. He constantly pushes the envelope of what’s possible in this modern era and is widely regarded amongst his peers as very innovative and highly creative in his approach.

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  • This book is common sense and an easy read
  • A guide through the Internet marketing maze
  • I would surely recommend this to a friend
  • Great Concise Read Covering The Needed Details
  • #1 Best Seller!

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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses:: Learn Insanely Low Cost; High-ROI Techniques to Intensify Sales & Profits With FB Marketing!

Discover How To Market Your Business Properly On Facebook…

Learn the insanely simple Facebook Marketing techniques that will intensify your sales and profits

Why do you want to market your small business on Facebook?

If you are like the savvy small business owners killing it on Facebook right now

>>> You want to get your business in front of the millions of potential target audience on Facebook and ultimately get people to your website

>>> You want to create a Facebook page for your business, post engaging content, invite your fans to sign up for free gifts at your website and ultimately, convert them into paying clients.

Indeed, Facebook is a giant hub with millions of your ideal clients. But you need the right plan and strategy to ethically profit from that number. This is what FACEBOOK MARKETING FOR SMALL BUSINESSES aims to help you do. You’ll learn insanely low cost; high-ROI techniques to intensify sales; profits with Facebook marketing.

Here’s a brief of what you’ll learn:

>>> Why if you’re NOT leveraging the over 1 billion potential clients on Facebook you’re sabotaging your business success!

>>> How to create a well-rounded Facebook marketing strategy that uses both free and paid methods to get the absolute BEST results – generate tons of targeted traffic, leads, and sales – on Facebook!

>>> How to create a business fan page that drives engaged users.

>>> How to create content that build trust and ultimately grow your profits.

>>> The right way to use Facebook ads without spending a fortune; learn how to combine it with your overall FB marketing strategy and get MASSIVE results…

>>> How to use Facebook to make money from traffic that leaves your website without buying…

>>> The super sneaky way to use Facebook to spy on your competition, tap into their traffic, and hijack their sales, legally!

>>> Where to get both free and low-cost tools for Facebook marketing success.

>>> How to market any type of business on Facebook. You will love this whether you’re a consultant, coach, or even an offline business owner!

>>> Plus a whole lot more…

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5 Low Cost Business Ideas for Work at Home Parents (5 Simple Money Machines)

If you could give up your commute to and from your job and work at home now, would you do it? Work at home parents are in the enviable postion of being able to set their own timetable.. This book outlines 5 low cost home based business ideas (+3 bonus ideas) that can be the start of you becoming a Work at Home Mom (or Dad…).

BBRW: A Word of Mouth Referral Marketing System That Can Reduce The Cost Of Your Lead Generation

BBRW: A Word of Mouth Referral Marketing System That Can
Reduce The Cost Of Your Lead Generation

Discover simple, powerful FREE word of mouth, referral marketing ideas that can pull
prospective clients and customers to you

You don’t suppose you ever…

  • Struggle with word of mouth marketing to generate referrals?
  • Received poor quality referrals in the past?
  • Wanted a network of advocates bringing you referral marketing opportunities?
  • Wanted a referral marketing system that works every time you use it?
  • Wondered why some people always get highly qualified referrals and you don’t?
  • Get apprehensive (and so don’t) in ASKING for referrals?

If so, then this practical result oriented kindle book about referral generation
and word of mouth marketing might just be what you want (or need).

In “BBRW: A Word of Mouth Referral Marketing System That Can
Reduce The Cost Of Your Lead Generation” you will learn:

  • Discover powerful referral marketing ideas that generate results online and offline
  • Discover 257 obvious sources of referrals that most people simply haven’t thought of
  • 28 Key questions to answer about your referral marketing strategy
  • Example case studies of referral marketing strategies yielding phenomenal results
  • How to create B2B & B2C ideal client profiles
  • The Truth about business networking and why many fail to generate the results they want
  • 15 potential characteristics of a good advocate for your products, services & solutions
  • The ultimate referral marketing system thats online, offline and via your smart phone.
  • How the author generated over 400+ testimonials on one social network
  • 10 simple, but powerful online referral marketing tactics
  • Discover the 3 things your referral network needs and wants
  • How to calculate how many referrals, leads & sales you need…
  • …to give you the revenue you want or need, and much, much more.

How much are 5 NEW referred customers worth to you?

Do the maths. Work out how much these new clients would be worth to you. Then calculate how
much 10, 20 or even 50 new clients could be worth to you – all for just the price of this book.

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