Guru Crusher: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Avoid Internet Marketing Scams


How To Avoid Work At Home Scams By Illegitimate Gurus

*Inside: A Simple No-Nonsense 5 Step Guide On How To Approach Any Internet Marketing Offer

There are SO MANY entrepreneurs being sucked in to the Internet Marketing arena with the idea of making huge sums of cash online. These people are being misled and misdirected from savvy, albeit shady internet Gurus and their shiny products.

Many buyers are being led down a path of cyclical failure and it’s completely ruining their entire lives.

Guru Crusher: A Beginner’s Guide On How To Avoid Internet Marketing Scams takes readers on an educational journey through the fundamental inner-workings of the Guru’s immoral solicitations.

If you’re brand new to Internet Marketing or have been dabbling with earning an income from home but have yet to generate any profit, then this book is a MUST READ.

By purchasing this book you’ll get a No-Fluff approach to sneaky Guru exploits and practices that are basically robbing from those uneducated to general practices happening today inside the IM Marketplace:

– The Guru IM Sales Funnel: The Manipulative Construct

– Fake Guru Tactics Used To Produce Buyers

– Why Entrepreneurs Are Most Likely To Fail Online

– Common Myths About Making Money Online

– The 5-Step Plan To Exposing Fake Guru Offers

These 5 chapters delve into the devious nature of Gurus and how they creatively use Sales Funnels, Manipulations and Distractions, Email Lists, and other morally questionable techniques to psychologically beat down prospective buyers into a Zombified mindset. Once this mental state is reached, Gurus are profoundly successful at continuously selling these buyers until they’re completely broke.

Readers will also learn about many of the Common Myths to making money online, where Gurus are blatantly trying to convince uneducated business minded people alike that these techniques actually yield income.

Those not armed with the information provided inside this book are 99% destined to fall prey to the illegitimate Guru’s money making products.

Learn how to weed out the false-opportunities the first time around so that your time, effort, and money is being placed toward legitimate methods as you embark upon starting up a home business.


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