Writing-Publishing Survival Guide (Really Simple Writing & Publishing Book 13)

Why This – Why Now?

My muse made me write this.

Just for you.

You’re welcome.

The point of this was to do a final “brain dump” to get this data out in a single package of data outlining the essential points of a writing system you can follow.

And it’s been called “concise” and “easy to follow” by my advanced readers.

What it doesn’t have is a bunch of listicals or authoritative-sounding link-bait.

The data that supports this book is in another dozen short books I’ve written and published on the subject.

In this short book, you get the outline and the bare-knuckle opinion of who I think is worth a damn to learn from. Just because I’ve spent a lot of time and money on courses that weren’t worth it, doesn’t mean you should have to.

Meanwhile, it’s over to you. Have fun.

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