The Teacher’s Guide to Becoming a Private Tutor

The Teacher’s Guide to Becoming a Private Tutor
Are you ready to take your teaching skills from the classroom to 1:1 private tutoring?
Are you ready to set your hours, your pay, who you teach, where you teach?
You’re about to discover all you need to know about moving your teaching out of the classroom and into the world of the self-employed private tutor. This book contains everything you need to know about tutoring.
Here’s a preview of what’s inside:
•How to advertise for students
•How to know what to teach (not as simple as you might think)
•How to know what to charge
•What the key differences are between classroom teaching and private tuition
•Safeguarding and personal safety
•Registering and running a business – including what to tell the tax man
•Checklist of the tasks you need to complete
•And much more!
Download your copy today to receive all of this information from a teacher turned tutor – just like you!
Recent changes in education have meant more and more teachers are looking to leave the stress of the classroom behind, yet they love their job and are very good at it. Parents are increasingly looking for ways they can give their children the boost they need to compete in today’s competitive world.
Maybe your personal circumstances have changed – you’ve had a child perhaps, or you’re not as young as you used to be – and you’re looking at leaving the classroom behind you but not your career. Perhaps you’re looking for an easy, painless way to supplement your income, or maybe you’d like to push your professional skills in a new direction.
Tutoring is the answer. Tutoring is a booming industry and with the right guidance you can be part of it and do a job you love on your terms.

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