The Rules of Social Media Compliance & Governance: Know What You Need to Know

As more and more people accept that social media is like the wild west an untamed, constantly changing frontier it can be intimidating and even paralyzing to venture out into this volatile frontier. The Rules of Social Media Compliance & Governance helps social media professionals and business owners of all experience levels better understand social media guidelines, when to ask for help, and agencies that are available to support you (like the Federal Trade Commission). If you want to learn more about current social media law or if you re prepping for NISM s certified Social Media Strategist (SMS) exam, this guide will help you learn more about what you need to accomplish. A few of the key concepts covered include how to: Create a social media policy Define when, and when not to participate in a conversation Maintain social media policy through the inevitable changes your organization experiences Identify and protect intellectual property Create a procedure explaining how to participate and converse in a variety of situations Comply with company policies regarding social media use Work with key stakeholders to ensure efforts are supported Every organization should consult a legal professional when questions about their social media work arise, but in this book Dr. Amy Jauman helps people answer a critical question: When do I need to talk to a lawyer about my social media presence? If you re prepping for the SMS exam or just need to figure out what you don t know about social media laws, this book will familiarize you with relevant terminology, explain various laws and agencies that may affect your business, and help you achieve a better understanding of what every business owner needs to understand about social media.

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