The Authentic Life: A Guidebook for Millennials: Preparing the Next Generation to Lead

Millennial Revolution

As Baby Boomers retire and Generation X begins to fade, the baton will pass on to Millennials. Who are these Millennials? The truth be known they are among the most well-informed, gifted, and talented segment of the population.

Indications are that by the year 2020 about one third of the global population will be composed of Millennials. Meaning soon they will be the captains of industry, commerce, economy, government, law, education, etc.

Will they be able to get the planet earth unplugged from the matrix of futility? Will they be able to change the world and usher in sustainable elements of peace, freedom, and prosperity? The author believes the answer to these questions to be “YES!”

Victor Shane, in The Authentic Life, demonstrates that faith in God’s universal Providence is strengthened, not challenged, by knowing the science that underlies the workings of God’s created universe. Biblical faith and the discoveries in science are co-paths to discovering God’s active role in our lives, as stated in Psalm 19, “The heavens proclaim the glory of God.” This book should be read by every thinking Christian whether faithful, agnostic, or atheist.

—Gerald L. Schroeder, PhD.

Jerusalem, Israel

Victor Shane’s latest bold and brilliant book dazzlingly defeats 200 years of spurious Scriptural scholarship by rolling back the sly secular struggle that proclaims an unbridgeable chasm between science and Judeo-Christian Biblical faith. If you’ve wondered why the bulk of pre-20th century scientific discoveries came about at the hand of Bible-believing Christians, you’ll love this compelling book. If you’ve wondered why original scientific work tails off in societies that turn atheistic, you’ll love this persuasive book. Actually, anyone interested in the scholarly confluence of spiritual and scientific truth will love this book, as did I.

—Rabbi Daniel Lapin

The American Alliance of Jews and Christians

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