The Art of Prospecting and Lead Generation

The frontline of any company is going to be their sales team, without sales the company is going to flounder and die, if you go back through the history of any large company there is a small company and before the small company existed there was a person with an idea and he had to sell it to someone else. With that said and no matter where you are or which company you are with the art of developing new customers is the one constant throughout. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or yourself, you are going to need to find people /companies to sell it to. The successful salesperson does not stand around waiting for opportunities to knock at their door, they go out into the hallways of life and find out where opportunity is and get to it before it enters someone else’s door. The idea behind this book is to put into simple words and actions the things you need to do to find opportunities and to develop new and lasting relationships with new potential customers. Using simple common sense methods and plain speak we will show you where you need to be looking and what you need to be doing with the information you find there. We are not selling you any services, or any additional information, we are not prospecting you, we are simply delivering the goods, information and methodology to a pathway of successful lead generation.

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