Spa Business Marketing Strategies – Modern, Effective Online / Mobile Based Spa Marketing Locate, Target and Get More Happy Customers

Spa Business Marketing Strategies

This is the only book you need to locate and target your customers online.
If you follow the strategies revealed in this book your spa business can
become the leading ‘go to’ location
in your area.

You’ll discover the formula that is working right now for spa owners all over
the country. Put this into practice and you’ll have a great advantage over most
spa owners who don’t yet understand the importance of this new form of marketing.
The good news is done right it’s very hard to copy and the earlier you start
the bigger the advantage you have.

Inside you’ll discover

  • How to use the magic spa product trip wire
  • Discover the most effective way to follow up enquiries and turn them into
  • Use this 1 method to increase your leads by 300%
  • How to target customers about to purchase with a competitor and convert
    them to you

  • The secret to getting lots of happy customer reviews to increase business
  • Step by step methods to make sure your customers discover you ahead of
    your competition
  • and lots lots more under the radar techniques that your competitors don’t
    yet use

What will it do for you?

Using the methods outlined in this book you’ll have a detailed plan on how
to effectively make sure your spa business is gaining consistent new customers
and growing regular repeat bookings – a ‘must have’ book in modern marketing

.You can then use these happy customers to grow your business further so you
become the ‘go to’ destination and start to dominate the market. It will show
you the exact methods that work today.

Discover how to compete against your competitors and win customers
using a under the radar technique that is so highly effective it’s been taught
in high priced seminars.

“This really is the only book you’ll need on spa business marketing”
Susan Fields (author)

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