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Meet Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson. Erik Swanson, or as many people refer to him as “Mr. Awesome”, is an award winning International Keynote Speaker and Success Coach as well as a Best-Selling Author. He travels the world assisting people to grow their businesses as well as their personal lives to new heights. This is his 4th book in his Habitude Warrior series (Other titles are: Secret Habitudes, Sales Habitudes, and Time Habitudes). After much frustration in handling his own social media efforts, Mr. Swanson simply decided to become one of the top experts in the field by learning and applying what other experts in the world were utilizing with such great results. If you are frustrated, you are not alone. Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel the stress in this area of their businesses. Mr. Swanson is here to help you right away in giving you real life and tangible techniques to build your social media, marketing, and branding platforms. Allow him to show you what the latest trends are!
“In the journey of success, you come across some amazing people who stand out of the crowd. Erik Swanson is one of those people! His Habitude Warrior book series is jammed packed with sales & life techniques to increase your income immediately! I highly recommend it. It’s no wonder why we all call him Mr. Awesome!”
-Loral Langemeier – N.Y. Times Best Selling Author & Speaker
“Do you want to build your online presence in a major way? Look no further! Social Millions will help you do exactly that!”
– Claudia Soul – The Clarity Doctor

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