Social Media Marketing: How To Create An Awesome Social Media Strategy Presentation by Oleg Beznitchi

Why a social media marketing strategy matters?
Why you even need to create a presentation for it?
Why you have to even read a book about this?

Good questions, my friend.

The answers are simple.
When you want to create a social media strategy, you’ll obviously need to present it in a way. But it has to be simple. Why?


– It will have to be easy to understand by everyone who will ever look at it.
– It also has to be portable and easy to present by anyone.
– A social media marketing strategy needs to have a vision and a direction, so that you know what to do.

– And because while making the strategy, you have to think like an investor.

These are some thoughts on why you need a business presentation for your social media strategy.

Also, some ideas from the book are here. It is a simple book, with no images.
It has little to no text on pages, so that you could separate ideas and read them on separate pages. Yes, it is easy to read and has no fluffy stuff that leaves nothing usable behind.

But, if you really what to know if you have to buy this book, here is the list why you don’t need it:

– You know how to make a presentation that will leave no questions at the end.
– You think that you don’t need a PowerPoint presentation and you don’t even like Microsoft Office products.
– You have a strong knowledge of how a presentation works as a communication instrument.
– You don’t believe in social media.
– You don’t have a marketing objective.
– You think that it is not a good idea to buy a book on how to make an awesome presentation.

Still here?

Than grab a copy of this simple, yet to be implemented tips on how to make a social media marketing strategy that rocks!

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