Shaklee MLMers: Why You’re Smart to Hate Recruiting And the Alternative

If you appreciate the theory of MLMs but want more security, more money for less work, and you want to earn whether or not you recruit then this is the book you need to be reading.
It describes the type of plan people fed up with MLMs are switching to, a plan that only has a small aroma of an MLM, requires NO RECRUITING, leaves no question as to how much money you will earn each and every day, is truly passive and is completely sustainable. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

If you’ve ever tried to make an MLM work you probably have a love/hate relationship with them by now. Even when you find an excellent product you still need to build a team to be successful, and we all know how hard that can be. It’s even harder to maintain them over the years. Why should you devote years to building something that may not be there 10 years from now? That’s not how wealth is built. If you want passive sustainable wealth this is the read.

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