Passive Income Streams: How to get them started and keep them flowing

Have you heard about people who quit their day job and made millions online?
Have you ever wondered how you can make money online?
Have you told yourself, “Maybe one day I will look into that”?

It is true that the landscape of business and employment in the US is changing and changing fast. If you don’t learn to change with it, you risk being left behind. More people than ever before are entertaining the idea of building passive income streams.

A passive income stream is something that continues to make money for the owner while requiring minimal, or in a few rare cases, no effort from the owner beyond getting them established. While getting this type of business or investment endeavor can be time consuming and lot of work, the rewards can be well worth the effort for years to come.

Some of the advantages of passive income include:
-More time to dedicate to family, travel, activities or whatever you want.
-The opportunity to do your work from anywhere in the world.
-Being free from the uncertainty of being fired or laid off.
-Getting to be your own boss and make your own decisions.
-Earning extra money to do with whatever you please.

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