Mobile Marketing for Your Local Business

Mobile marketing is transforming the way businesses of all sizes interact with their clients. Whether a local business or a global 1,000 enterprise, mobile marketing is an integral part of “personalized” marketing.

Unfortunately, there have been relatively few books on mobile marketing specifically for the small business. Most of the mobile marketing strategies and content that I see are predominately based on theories, and not “real world” proven strategies and experiences. Mobile Marketing For Your Local Business puts an end to that pattern.

Mobile Marketing For Your Local Business immediately delivers real world examples and content any business owner can use – from the very beginning. After a solid high level introduction to the concepts of mobile marketing it takes us one chapter at a time through key mobile marketing methods that will both add new clients and increase retention and relationship with existing clients.

This book covers:
SMS text message marketing
QR codes
Mobile Apps
As well as Mobile websites

Unlike many who gloss over these topics the contributing authors of Mobile Marketing For Your Local Business continue to deliver value for the reader with tips, strategies, examples and check lists so that the ambitious small business owner has a virtual Mobile Playbook for Business at their disposal!

This book has been written for the business owner who is ready to take advantage of this new marketing trend. A trend that is poised to take 2014 by storm! Mobile marketing is for the business owner who wants to be ahead of the trend, in front of the pack – instead of trailing it long after it’s been around for years and used successfully by others.

If you own a real estate office, salon, car dealership, coffee shop, auto repair shop, restaurant, home repair/renovation or any other local business, you know that a current, happy paying customer is worth more to you than a customer you have to go out and find.

Mobile marketing can be a highly profitable way to communicate with your current customers and a very smart way to not only find new customers, but keep them all coming back to your business for many years to come.

If you are new to mobile marketing and simply want to learn more about it, or have already finished your research and want to know your next step – this book is for you.

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