Japanese Traditional Copper Roof Ornament FB-14″ with Kamon/Family Crest

The Morikuni gargoyle is made of copper and usually placed on top of the roof or the wall as a protective talisman or deity. It is an important symbol of traditional Japanese houses, temples and shrines and believed to protect their houses from bad luck, such as fire or any other kinds of harm. They are easily attached to asphalt shingle or metallic roofing or are used as store interiors and shop decorations. Suitable for Japanese style architecture such as Japanese restaurants, Karate training halls, Japan pavilions, Japanese gardens, etc. Our products can enhance their authenticity perfectly.

Product Features

  • Made of copper sheet
  • Light and excellent in workability
  • Adjustable to the roof pitch
  • Three sizes are available
  • Not widely available outside of Japan

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