How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency

How to Start a Home Based Travel Agency is written for people looking for a complete reference on every aspect of starting a home base travel business. The book focuses on developing a business concept and executing a flawless start up process. Some of the major topics include “Developing a Business Concept”, Building a Business Plan”, “Starting Your Home Based Travel Business”, “Setting Up Your Books”, “Selecting a Host Travel Agency”, “Establishing Your Agency Relationship with Supplier”, Setting Up Your Supplier Files”, “Travel Advertising”, “Travel Marketing”, “Your Newsletter”, “Travel Promotions”, “Your Web Presence”, “Developing Your Professional Knowledge and Skills”, “Legal Issues for Home Based Travel Agents”, “The Benefits of Being a Home Based Travel Agent” and much, much more. First written in 1998, the 2013 edition has been rewritten and is completely up-to-date. If you are starting a home based travel agency this book will not only expedite the process, but will eliminate all of the common mistakes and misunderstandings about launching your business.

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