Homeschooling and Filling in the Gaps: Beginners Guide to Preparing Students for the Online Workforce

“Do You know how to get your child ready for the Online Workforce where most jobs and careers are moving online?” 

Are there Gaps in your child’s education because of the speed at which jobs and careers are moving online? 

You as a Homeschooler can establish your child’s financial future Before they graduate. 

Your children can truly be an inspiration and light years ahead in the Workforce. You just need to be willing to shift your thinking and begin to explore new frontiers.

As a Homeschooler, You are used to exploring new frontiers!

Now your kids can legitimately say, “What product or business do I want to create Before I graduate high school?”

This Digital Age is changing the face of careers, jobs and business

The tech world can blow your mind and make you feel like, ”Where in the world do I start?”
This Beginner’s Guide will speed up your process and get rid of some of the mental stress of learning about this new way of making a living online.  
Your child’s gifts, talents, and intellect will need to take on a form that can benefit others online.  

This Guide will show you How to:

  • Discover ways to just get started if you don’t know the first thing about working online
  • Start closing Gaps by learning The 5 Critical Digital Skills your child will need to be ready for all the jobs and careers
    moving online
  • Shut the door on the “How will Susie or Billy get a job?!” stereotype
  • Fill requirements and elective classes while creating income for what your child wants to do now and in the future

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