Going Mobile: Going Social

A company is only as strong as its weakest customer relationship and mobile and social media are the perfect platforms to strengthen these relationships. By harnessing the power of the mobile platform, mobile users can make phone calls, send a tweet or fire off a text. Mobile users can IM a friend, “like” a business, surf the net, hail a cab, upload a blog, download a vlog, listen to a song, shoot a video, make a check deposit, play a game, shop online, shop offline (with a mobile coupon), check-in to a retail store, check out of a hotel, find a business’s location or even track down a lost mobile phone. Mobile users can communicate with their friends via hold-to-talk voice messaging, they can stream their content feeds via one-to-many messages, share photos, videos, contacts, or broadcast their location. With today’s mobile phone, making a voice call is almost the least important of its multitude of functions. Customer persona, Today, mobile apps, mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile chat and mobile gaming have revolutionized the way people do business, seek entertainment and gamble. Mobile commerce has now evolved into what has become known as “omni-commerce”, a seamless approach to selling that puts the shoppers experience first and foremost, giving that shopper access through multiple channels. Mobile marketing via Bluetooth, OTT, SMS, MMS, CSC or QR codes has become some of the most effective marketing available, while social media has turned the normal channels of marketing on its head. By accessing the Web through a wireless connection, mobile users can now surf the Internet almost as easily as if they were using a PC. Photos and videos can be uploaded seconds after they are shot, then shared with the most intimate of friends or the most distant of peoples with little more than the touch of a button. Connected via a Natural User Interface (NUI) applications like Apple’s SIRI, Speaktoit’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Tellme services, mobile devices can become talking personal assistants that understand normal speech and connect to a vast world of data that can turn a mobile phone into a verbal business location finder, a weather reporter, an encyclopedia, an appointment maker, an email sender, and much, much more. The mobile platform is so robust and it holds so much promise that if a marketing executive had been asked to dream up the perfect device to connect to, market to and sell its company’s products and/or services to its customers and potential customers, he could hardly have come up with something more superior to it. One of mobile’s best features is its ability to cross-pollinate the marketing message through several mediums, which include social media and I will expound upon this throughout the book.

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