Fast Start Guide to Work from Home Jobs

Unfortunately, many qualified people struggle daily to find jobs in our down economy.
People are sending in over a 100 resumes and not even hearing back on 1.
Then we have the other group – these are people who have tapped into the work from home job opportunities.
I’m NOT referring to multi level marketing or piecework freelance such as eLance but real jobs – full time and part time jobs. Jobs with insurance and 401k options. Jobs that pay well and are even better as you have no commuting expenses, no gas expenses and no work clothing expenses.
As someone who has been in the direct response – infomercial- industry for many years, I’ve accumulated a wealth of contacts and interestingly enough, many of them offer work from home job opportunities.
If you are looking for a job – either long term or to hold you over until you find he job you want, if you live in a remote area, if you are disabled, whatever your reason- if you want a legit job to do from home – I hope you’ll take a look at the resources in this book.
I haven’t given you a 100 or 200 or 300 resources – 30 resources that I hand picked and many whose business I have personally been in.

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