Elements of a Successful Website

Making your website a success isn’t as difficult as you may at first think. By making simple changes—one step at a time—you can create a website that attracts visitors, fosters engagement, and drives results.

In Elements of a Successful Website, consultant, developer, and technical-marketing specialist Matthew Edgar gives you an accessible and actionable approach to improving your website. Working off the principle that the key to a successful website is to keep evolving, Edgar provides you with five simple yet effective themes that even a small business can apply.

However, unlike other books of its type, Elements of a Successful Website doesn’t claim to have a miracle, one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, Edgar recognizes that each website is unique and encourages you to make the changes that resonate with your brand, letting the guidelines lead the way.

Ultimately, improving a website that achieves your goals is as easy as being open to making and testing small changes. Just adjust one element, note what works (and what doesn’t), and keep improving until you see the desired results.

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