Copywriting Business: How to Work 4 hours a Day and Earn 6 Figures from Home

Even if few companies understand copywriting, it has become a popular field. Some believe that a copywriter writes songs, some confuse copywriters with journalists or reporters. Some others believe a copywriter is a person that has IT skills. None of this is true.

The easiest way to understand copywriting is to think of it as an art and/or science to deliver words (in writing or in speaking) in a way that determines people to take action.

Put it simply, a copywriter should be able to create blog posts, articles, social media content and even product descriptions. The field of copywriting is currently growing because more and more companies have gone online into the e-commerce market. Also, having a website requires constant fresh content that can engage the potential buyer/visitor in an interactive manner. The copywriter has a job right there.

You will find in this book the following:

•About copywriting
•The benefits of copywriting
•Where to learn copywriting
•The profile of a copywriter
•The copywriter you want to be
•The ingredients of a good copy
•How to charge
•How to choose your clients

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