Buyer Listing: A Revolutionary Approach to Real Estate Marketing and Lead Generation

What is a Buyer Listing? Buyer Listings are not a “more of the same” solution for your real estate business, yet everything in this book is based on the fundamentals at the helm of the real estate industry. It is not about putting more time, energy or money into your business, it’s about getting more from the time, energy and money you put into your business. Buyer Listing is a Mindset. This book will fundamentally shift how you think about home buyers and what they represent, redefining not only what is possible for your business, but what it will take to achieve it. In Buyer Listing, discover how to unlock a whole new world of opportunity in marketing and lead-generation for real estate agents. You will learn new models and innovative ways to apply the fundamentals of real estate to make your business more profitable, more efficient and more enjoyable. Best of all, you’ll have the practical strategies and solutions needed to achieve a better life and business. “Brian’s book should be a staple on the bookshelves of real estate agents, whether they be 20-year veterans or brand new to the business.” —Adam Hergenrother, Founder & CEO of Hergenrother Enterprises “MyBuyerListing provides the perfect business cycle – it generates seller leads, makes raving fans of your buyers, and keeps you top of mind among the public as the “agent who does more.” —Nate Evans, Real Estate Agent “If you’re looking to shater your sales ceiling, this is a game changer.” —Manda Price, Real Estate Agent

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