Boost your YouTube video ranking-9 effective SEO tricks : Effective SEO tricks (YOUTUBE guide Book 1)

This ebook provides you 9 major SEO tricks,This ebook does not promote any hacking or any other illicit activity.
This ebook provides information regarding how to crack the SEO of YouTube and rank your video to the maximum.
This ebook won’t provide you with regular tips which are on the internet like “make a good content” or “create a good thumbnail” instead this ebook provides direct techniques and guide on how to publish a video.This ebook offers some advanced techniques which can boost the video views to the millions.This ebook provides tricks and techniques of those people who’ve already published their first video on YouTube and views went to millions.
This book is written by a person who himself has experience in YouTube of 4 years.
This ebook is useful for those people who are willing to start to earn on YouTube but have no idea of SEO this ebook will save them from the worthless initial effort most of the people put in and get nothing in return.
This ebook is also useful for those people are struggling on YouTube and still their effort has got them nothing but disappointment.

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