A Freelancer’s Road Map for Success: How to Make Money Online Using Freelancing

Online freelancing is a trillion dollar industry. Millions of people have learned how to make money online using their freelancer brands. Tapping into this mega-industry requires the right strategy in order to succeed. This book provides you with tips you can use to earn money online with or without a freelancing platform. Learning how to make money online using freelancing is made easier with the knowledge provided in this book.

Developed by an UpWork Top Rated Freelancer and Level 2 Fiverr Seller, this book guarantees success. You will learn how to make money online by:
•Understanding the psychology of freelancing
•Creating your freelancer brand
•Choosing the right freelancer platform
•Becoming a Top Rated Freelancer on UpWork
•Succeeding on Fiverr
•How to work outside of a freelancing platform
•Promoting your brand effectively
Apply everything you learn effectively and share your success with others.

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