30K Leads in 30 Days: Real Estate Marketing Created by Antonio Coleman: Creative Real Estate Marketing Lead Generation

Gaining leads through smart, creative real estate marketing strategies is what I’m all about. I took my 15 years of online and offline marketing tactic and put them into one easy to read book just for you. Once you understand how real estate marketing actually works is when you will start to see the bigger picture. The goal is to know who your local competitors are, see what they are doing to market their real estate business. Next you want to take their blueprint and following their footprints to gain a balanced attack. From there you will need to double, triple your marketing efforts to overshadow them. This form of marketing is something we utilize every day in the online marketing world. You see it works even better for real estate because of the lack of online marketing most real estate people implement. Most people will do the causal ads, and facebook posts. This book takes what you know, and flip it over a thousand times to show you how effective the marketing. 30k leads in 30 days will teach you how to do the numbers to figure out exactly what you can expect when it comes to getting in front of targeted leads. I’ve worked day and night to put together a real estate marketing plan that works in each and every city. No matter your location all you need to do is read this simple and powerful book that will walk you through online domination. What will you learn? You will learn how to do keyword research to see who is searching for what online. If you want to rank for the “We Buy Houses” or Sell Your House Fast” keywords then 30k will walk you through it. Maybe you want to learn about building that online presence so you can, at least, be found online somewhere this books will help. What if you need to learn how to actually use facebook to get in front of a potential of thousands of leads at your disposal. This book will do just that, and much more.

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