Small Business: The Unconventional Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Your Own Small Business from Home (How to Work From Home and Start a Home Based Small Business for the Beginner Entrepreneur)


Small Business: The Unconventional Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Your Own Small Business from Home

Do You Want to Work From Home?

Are You Tired Of Making Someone Else’s Dreams Come True?

Success Guide that Will Take You From Having No Idea, to Taking MASSIVE ACTION and Starting Your Own Business!

WARNING: if you are looking for traditional steps to take to start your own business then you are in the WRONG place. This book will teach you how to think outside of the box and figure out ways to quit your job and start a business of your own. If you are ready to start working on your own dream, this book is for you!

You might be a bit skeptical, and that is okay! This book isn’t for everyone. It’s only for those of you who are ready to really stretch your minds and think creatively.

You will learn NOTHING from this book in college from a business professor!

In fact, most college professors would tell you the advice in this book is CRAZY. In truth, they are probably right!

If You are Crazy Enough to Buy this Book, Here are 8 Things that You’ll Learn!

1. How to come up with a business idea from blogs, podcasts, and search engines.

2. How to completely reduce your living expenses, so you can afford to start your business.

3. How to use money that you already have saved up (that you might not have even thought of), to fund your business.

4. How to deal with those annoying school loans, while you are starting your business.

5. How to make money fast, so that you can quit your job sooner and work full-time on your business.

6. How to plan for both the long-term and short-term, without having a fancy business plan.

7. How to know when it is the right time to finally quit your job.

8. Why it is so important to believe in yourself. If you can think it, you can do it!

Still Not Sure if This Book is for You?

If you are looking for a book that is going to give you a shortcut to success, then this isn’t the book for you. There are no easy ways to start a business. No matter how you go about it, you will have to make sacrifices. This book will help you figure out ways to make those sacrifices in order to get your business started.

Just scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy button to start reading now!


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Hotel Key Profits


Hotel Key Profits teaches you how to make a full time or extra income by giving away free keys to hotels and motels in your area. Learn how the author made $683 in less than 3 hours and helps others do the same. This is a simple and easy business to do and it is ethical and best of all it can be duplicated.


New Inventions Entrepreneur: Build a huge business working with Inventors to create their products and market them on TV via Infomercials


Invent (or License from inventors), Manufacture, and Market New Products via Direct Response (infomercial) Marketing and Mass Market Retail Distribution.


Master the Start: 10 Steps to Get Out of Your Own Way and Create Your Dream Business


Entrepreneurship is the new American Dream, yet not many take the chance on themselves to actually fulfill it. Today the possibilities are endless in what you can make money doing, and your dream life is at your fingertips. You just have to take one idea and believe in yourself enough to follow through with it.

Erin Smith is a serial entrepreneur who started by investing in real estate at the age of 22. Her first business was a pet sitting business which she built to 12 employees and six-figures, all while still working her corporate job. After selling that, she moved to her second business, again, building it quickly and selling within a few years. Erin now teaches others how to take simple ideas and do big things with them.

Master the Start walks you through the steps that it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. You will also learn the groundwork required to get out of your own head and actually build the business you only thought you could dream about.

Master the Start will teach you:

– How to come up with business ideas

– How to get yourself ready to start and become ready for entrepreneurship

– Understanding business models, and all of the different ways you can make money

– Where to begin once you have an idea

– The foundational pieces that will have you believing you can actually do this and will get you on the path to success


How To Negotiating For Cash Flow In Real Estate: Escrow Riches !


How To Negotiating For Cash Flow In Real Estate: Escrow Riches !

In these stressful economic times we are facing, people such as myself are still making a 6 figure income in there own portable home based business! Sound too good to be true? Well let me first assure you that this is not a get rich quick book, rather an unique business model that I have been using for years, not only as a source for income, but also to fund my real estate investments and others alike. Negotiating is a “Million Dollar” skill, and those of us that posses it can make money in any arena. In this book you will learn how to negotiate liens and attachments off of residential and commercial property so the title of the property will be marketable, thus allowing a sale and closing to become a reality. In return you will be compensated handsomely for your negotiating skills!

In this exciting business concept you will learn:

=> How to negotiate any lien or attachment for pennies on the dollar.

=> How to make sure everything is complete prior to closing.

=> How to guarantee you will get paid every time for the work you do!

=> How to turn this into your very own business.

=> How to get title companies, attorneys and accountants to market for your business.

=> All the forms and letters you will need to be successful in this lucrative industry.

And of course like all of James’s books you will receive much more.


How To Make $100 From Craigslist Every Month


This book is not for beginners. This book is intended to provide only the practical tools, tips, and tricks on how to start making money on Craigslist immediately, every month, and create an additional source of cash flow.

There are no “secretes” or empty promises to “make thousands of dollars”. The book provides proven strategies to start, and successfully run a small cash business. Not only will you learn how to make extra money from Craigslist, but you’ll also learn the basics of entrepreneurship that will allow to test your entrepreneurial skills, and to see if you have what it takes to run your own business.

If you follow the steps provided in the book, realistically you will make at east $100-200 a month, every month !

Many books on “how to make money from Craigslist” are written either by “gurus” who’ve never run a business, or by somebody who made pocket change selling “grandma’s antique” for pennies on a dollar.

If after reading this book, you are still unable to make at least $10-20 profit, you might as well give up on any entrepreneurial dreams you might have.


Working from Home: Earn a Living Where You Live


Written from firsthand experience and supported with interviews of successful work-from-home individuals across a variety of circumstances, this handbook is a thorough and thoughtful resource on generating an income outside of the traditional office environment. The author scrutinizes every aspect of working from home, dividing the guide into two parts: working from home for an employer and starting a home-based business. Offering a checklist of pros and cons in addition to realistic advice that takes into full account the limitations that may arise in any given situation, the book tackles everything from logistics to legality—including understanding tax forms, setting up a work space, staying motivated, succeeding with self-marketing, and basic accounting aid. The book also provides helpful advice for seeking a job, creating a winning resume, and nailing the interview as well as avoiding scams and rip-offs.


How to Make a Solid Income on Commercial Property …without using any of your own money


Here’s How You Can Make a Solid Monthly Income

From Even Just One Deal!

…without using any of your own money

Just One Deal Can Generate Solid and Dependable Income, Giving You More Free Time & Less Financial Stress.

* You do Not need any prior experience to start making money.

* You do Not need good credit or a license.

This guide is written in layman’s terms & very easy to understand, allowing you to begin quickly making money.

This is Not a get-rich-quick scheme. These are proven strategies designed to build lasting financial stability.

This Guide Will Arm You With The Knowledge to Start Generating Serious Income in a Short Time …and comes with a 100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!

Commercial real estate has always had the intimidating perception that it is complicated and only the rich can play in that arena. I’m here to tell you that is simply not true. Most people just don’t have the knowledge of how it works.

Finally, A Realistic Way of Achieving Financial Security

Commercial real estate can provide the security of a steady income and the security of your financial future …without using any of your own money! This means no financial investment coming out of your pocket! In fact, you don’t even need any prior residential, home-ownership or commercial real estate experience!

Here Are Just a Few of the Financial Advantages to You

Commercial property deals are often easier, more solid in a fluctuating economy and can give you steady income as well as numerous tax credits and advantages (far more than residential). You also have an income-producing physical asset you can leverage. In addition, you are also able to pull out large amounts of cash when refinancing (much more than residential– even in situations with homes for sale or foreclosure houses). This and the other powerful strategies you will learn in this guide make commercial property more profitable than most other investments.

This Guide, “How to Make a Solid Income on Commercial Property …without using any of your own money”, can provide a lifetime of financial security for you and your family. You will enjoy being your own boss, having more free time, and not worrying about how to make ends meet. And you can indeed accomplish it from just one deal.

* You will learn how you can increase the value of your property by 25% or more within months because of the specialized knowledge of how to purchase it and attract the right tenants.

* You can have a lot more free time because after doing the initial work you can hire a property management company and even have your tenants pay for it.

* You don’t need stellar credit because a lender will base most of the decision on the income of the property itself (rents).

* Because you are acting as an investor you do not need a realtor or broker license.

Discover How to Generate Serious Income in a Short Time by Learning:

• How to give yourself a steady income stream every month.

• How to use money from other sources to make the deal happen.

• How to make a quick deal with no risk–earning even five figures in as little as 60 days.

This specialized information from highly successful

investors is taught in seminars costing

thousands of dollars!

Let’s face it, since this “Great Recession”, the rules & methods of successful investing have drastically changed.

So how are you going to re-build your or your family’s financial security in today’s “New Normal” economy? Risk your money:

** in shaky Europe-dependent markets?

** in a housing market not soon expected to recover.

** opening a business or a 9-5 employee if any job security?

Why not try this new opportunity that can pay big dividends with no downside and no risk to your wallet!

If you really want to have more free time with dependable income and longer-term security, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free offer.

This gui