Scrapbooking for Profit: Cashing in on Retail, Home-Based, and Internet Opportunities


This comprehensive guide reveals 11 paths to making money in the scrapbook market, along with the tools to do it. Every career option, business situation, and topic a scrapbook artist may encounter is covered in clear, calm, step—by—step explanations and short, easy—to—grasp chapters. Quotes, advice, and tips from industry experts; checklists and self—assessment questionnaires; convenient business forms, sample contracts, and planning tools; and amusing illustrations—plus a supportive, you—can—do—it tone—make Scrapbooking for Profit the best friend a scrapbooking entrepreneur can have.

• The scrapbooking market is huge-salves over 1.4 billion dollars annually!

• Start-up information, career descriptions, detailed marketing plans

• From-the-trenches tips from more than 40 scrapbook experts

• Checklists and quiestionnaires help entrepreneurs find their strengths and skills

• User-friendly business forms, sample contracts, and planning tools


How to Become a Casting Agent… for the Porn Industry


A real step by step guide on How To Become A Casting Agent … For the Porn Industry. From the Diaries of a Porn Caster. Live it through the eyes of a successful and experienced porn casting agent. Thorough, complete and exhilarating. A must-read book for anyone who wants to join the ranks of the porn casting industry as a savvy porn casting agent!.