28 thoughts on “Niche Site Duel #005 – Traffic Generation Strategy Part 1

  1. I love your videos and thank you very much for your effort.. I’ve seen
    video 1->4 and now at 5 however no pun intended, I play them at double
    speed (tapping settings (cog icon) and choosing speed to two) as I feel the
    content could be covered a little faster. You still sound understandable
    though :D?

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  3. @wattspublishing You are welcome and I’m glad that’s helped you. I will be
    looking to redo these videos down the track to update with new content and
    slight changes to some of the methods. Thanks,

  4. sorry just saw you typed them out! I purchased BTF with Kelly Felix – you
    are so much better than the way they teach things

  5. @rhgbouh I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. Finding niches that
    are ready to buy is the only way to go. Trust me your gonna like this
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  6. Thanks for your attempt to explain this to the people. It a great help!
    Thanks for this one and your site as a whole. I just loved it.

  7. Hi Tyrone, Yes this is the best training I have ever found online and I
    can’t thank you enough for your help. I was wondering how I find all the
    article sites you mentioned that you have somewhere on your website – can
    you tell me how to find these on your site? Many Thanks

  8. Tyrone, as usual, this is really good stuff. I will definitely start
    implementing these strategies for my “new” site at imconferencecalendar.
    Can’t wait for #6. BTW, what are you using to write on you screen please?

  9. I must say that spending time on this almost-one hour video is really
    great. I find all the information helpful especially when you mentioned
    that other networks can be of great help to your website’s success. Knowing
    who your friends are can bring your system’s up. It can be the best that
    could happen if you are careful about it.

  10. hi tyrone.., thanks for your outstanding course., one question i have for
    you is that if i creat a blog for my website which is fitness related and
    if i use the same email used for registering the domain and th blog.., does
    this effect my ranking with google.., i find this strange that in blogger
    it automatically picked up the site i have registered to.., do u have any
    comment on this..??/

  11. @Ruben3065 Yes I would recommend creating new accounts for each niche site
    so it doesn’t get mixed up. Plus it helps as your username is your keyword.

  12. Hey tyrone. I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. I am currently
    working on building my first website, selling an affiliate product. I have
    been using the niche profit classroom system. I have all 5 of my articles
    done. The only problem is with this system they want you create a e-mail
    mini course. i am having a hard time creating a mini course. Do you feel
    that I need to create a mini email course. Thanks in advance.

  13. @rahimka1 No it doesn’t. Yes Google Mail is linked to Blogger.com and
    that’s normal for it to be picked up. In actual fact it won’t affect your

  14. @tyroneshum Thanks Tyrone for you Video… Do you have to create new
    accounts with article directories for each niche site you create??? Or can
    I just submit a new article with the accounts I already have for my new
    niche sites.

  15. I’ve been watching all of your teachings and have to say, they are really
    great. I appreciate how you take your time explaining all of the details
    and the why’s for each of your suggestions. I also appreciate you going
    through each step 1 by 1 and give opportunity for your viewers to follow
    along and setup the accounts you recommended. I really appreciate your
    teaching style. wattspublishinggroup [dot] com

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    website. Thanks.

  17. hi sir how long have u being doing internet marketing ? can u share with me
    how i can do better in my > real estate internet marketer dot com pls let
    know how i can use my nice domain i just buy many back .

  18. @mikeannike Thank you. Great question. So far I have yet to do that
    mini-course for my sites as yet since it does take a lot of time. The first
    step I’d recommend doing is to get your blog marketed first and just use
    Aweber to capture the subscribers first. You can always create the mini
    course down the track. In addition, aim to get your site ranked on the
    first page of Google first and go from there to monetize it. That’s the way
    I’ve found it to work best to start.

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