Dominate Upwork: Tips, hacks and strategies to increase your monthly income on the world’s biggest freelancing platform

Do you want to make more money on Upwork?

The world’s biggest freelancing platform is full of opportunity to make $1,000s each month in a huge variety of fields.

I’ve been on Upwork for over 4 years (back when it was eLance and oDesk) as both a client and a freelancer.

I’ve bid and won countless jobs and have enough repeat business and private job invites where I rarely have to apply to public jobs any more.

But don’t worry – I started out just like you.

My profile was full of mistakes, I would bid on 30 jobs and win none of them, and I never received a single job invite in my first 2 years on the site.

Because I was doing it all wrong.

In this guide, I lay out the steps that I took to go from making $54 a month to making enough money to quit my corporate job and live full time off my Upwork earnings.

You’ll learn

  • How I get 50-100x more profile views than the average Upwork freelancer
  • How to write job proposals that get you chosen ahead of 50 other candidates
  • How to spot bad clients and avoid wasting your time bidding on their jobs
  • The hidden advantage of being “Top Rated” that Upwork doesn’t tell you about
  • How I turned a $220 job into $9,000 worth of recurring work

All for the price of a latte.

If you want to uncover a smarter and more efficient way to become a highly paid freelancer, then this is the book for you.

Remember, if you win just one $5 job after purchasing this guide, you’ve already made a positive return on your investment.

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Worlds Okayest Head of Affiliate Marketing Occupation T Shirt M Sport Grey

This Worlds Okayest Head of Affiliate Marketing Job T Shirt is printed on high quality cotton that will amaze. This cool tee is pre-shrunk and the graphics are colorfast. Makes a great gift!

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  • 100% Cotton
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Worlds Okayest Head of Affiliate Marketing Occupation T Shirt S Sport Grey

This Worlds Okayest Head of Affiliate Marketing Job T Shirt is printed on high quality cotton that will amaze. This cool tee is pre-shrunk and the graphics are colorfast. Makes a great gift!

Product Features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Graphics don’t fade or crack
  • North American made
  • Pre-shrunk

The Art of Mobile Persuasion: How the World’s Most Influential Brands are Transforming the Customer Relationship through Courageous Mobile Marketing

This is a book about relationships.

And unlike the 314,011 other titles on Amazon that attempt to provide insights on him or her, on love and marriage, this is a book about the one relationship many of us prize above all others:

The one we have with our mobile phone.

The number of smartphones sold worldwide in 2014 exceeded 1.2 billion. Adults in the U.S. spent 23 percent more time on mobile phones during an average day in 2014 than in 2013. No surprise that brand marketers like us are desperate to get in on the action. But will consumers let us in? Is it possible that marketing could enhance this vital relationship, improving the mobile experience for the user by providing value?

Jeff Hasen believes the answer is yes.

So he spent a year talking with the brightest minds in mobile, marketing and business, seeking answers to the toughest questions facing marketers in the mobile era. Through insights from mobile marketers leading efforts for Google, Coca-Cola, REI, Lord & Taylor, Expedia, ESPN, and many others, readers of The Art of Mobile Persuasion will learn how the world’s most influential brands are transforming the customer relationship through courageous mobile marketing.
?What is courageous mobile marketing?
> Handling the mobile user’s ever-expanding expectations with flexibility and verve
> Knowing when personalization is possible and the actionable steps toward reaching an audience in a one-to-one way
> Adopting a new customer service model that serves the self-sufficient mobile shopper
> Thinking about the customer journey in a device-computer-wearable-and-back-again loop
> Connecting to customers with transparency and humility
> Calling your tribe to action when it matters most.

Traditional marketing is evaporating. Mobile engagement is little more than a buzzword. But mobile persuasion is an art form. Do it courageously and you’ll transform your company’s customer strategy forever.

THE VENDING PLANNER: Your recession proof business. (The World’s Best Kept Business Secret)

The Vending Planner is one of the most concise and truthful family start-up business documents around, entailing completely unbiased views about the vending industry and about wealth building. This book explains about the one aspect which is mainly overlooked, and rather must be emphasized in order to build wealth. Most people who have knowledge and experience in this field, protect their personal interests and profit margins by keeping out nosey intruders who may end up being their very competition. Many are not willing to admit this, but 99% of the information that circulates about a lot of businesses are just infomercials by manufacturers, producers and retailers, all in their zeal to sell their products. Positive feedbacks, product reviews, and customers testimonials are more often fixed than not. And the truth about many industries lies in the fate of those who test the waters for themselves, or so to speak. There is a lot of information regarding the vending business, but only limited information available that really can offset the bottom line of a vending machine operation. Truth is, the vending business is ranked among the top 10% of best home based businesses. Some machine operators earn up to $200 per hour, and with limited investments, a vending route can be both lucrative and very rewarding. The Vending Planner explains exactly how to build a successful vending business from ground up, with limited funds. And points out the common mistakes of some vending operators, and how to avoid them. The Vending Planner is designed to help maintain a realistic view of vending, and shows the tremendous success the industry offers.

. Professional insight into building personal wealth.
. A summary of hundreds of hours of research regarding the vending industry.
. A lucrative business plan. (value over $120).
. Applicable and concise family start-up business coaching.
. Vending Location Contract agreement.
. Pre-written Investors Proposal letter.
. Sponsorship Agreement.
. Knowledge of How to Earn Uncapped/Unlimited Income.
. The truth about a most vibrant and profitable industry.

How to use Twitter for business and tap into one of the worlds largest social media networks

Modern technology h?? m?d? ?ur liv?? ?? ?dv?n??d and prosperous th?t w? find t?d?? w? ?r? ?lm??t incapable of living without it! Th? w?rld ?f m?rk?ting i? now b?ing influ?n??d b? the different ?l?tf?rm? available ?n th? internet t? effectively r???h ??n?um?r? ?r?und th? w?rld.

S?m? of th??? online t??l? w?r? n?t ?rigin?ll? d??ign?d f?r marketing but h?v? r???ntl? found a niche in that ?r?n?. O???rtuniti?? ?r? b?ing intr?du??d to entrepreneurs that th?? n?v?r dr??m?d ?f having ?t their fingertips. One ?f th??? t??l? th?t w?? n?t designed for m?rk?ting but instead w?? a social n?tw?rk i? Twitter. Twitt?r i? a l?rg? community ?f ??nn??t?d ?nd int?rr?l?t?d ????l? th?t ?r? already internet ??vv?. Thi? i? the ??rf??t combination for ?r?m?ting your business, ??ur brand, or wh?t?v?r goods and ??rvi??? that you have t? ?ff?r.

B?gin with m?king ??ur??lf a Twitt?r ????unt ?nd ??u’r? off to ??n?u?r the Twitt?r ??mmunit?!

Facebook Marketing Buddy Use Facebook Marketing to reach more customers for your business, make money online working with the world’s largest social media network.

Facebook. One word which has turned into phenomenon over the past decade. Today Facebook as a name is synonymous with Social Media. It is rare to find someone who does not have a Facebook profile these days. My Grandma has one, my friend who runs a job portal uses his to run a background check on prospective new hires and even my dog has his own Facebook profile. But why am I stating the obvious, Facebook surely needs no introduction. We all use Facebook as part of our daily ritual and according to statistics Facebook users spend 20 minutes on average using Facebook.

Speaking of numbers here are a few interesting numbers associated with Facebook:

• 1.09 Billion is the number of daily active users. That is 1.09 followed by 8 zeros. The estimated world population stands at 7 billion this year.

• 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second.

• One in every Five page views on the internet happens to be on Facebook.

• 510 comments and 250,000 statuses are updated on Facebook every minute.

• Facebook witnesses 2 billion searches every day.

• Facebook has more monthly users than WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram combined.

Pinterest Marketing Buddy, Pinterest marketing for your brand, make money online using the worlds fastest growing social media network.

Think of Pinterest as an online pin board. Pinterest allows you to share products, pictures and videos of your favorite things that you find online by ‘pinning’ those items on virtual pinboards. Everything you pin has a link that points back to where you found it. The goal of Pinterest is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting” and it is steadily achieving this through the power of visual imagery. Pinterest has created a real buzz and had grown exponentially in a very short amount of time. It is now driving more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Reddit combined. Social networking sites, tech blogs and news sites are all talking about its fantastic potential.