2 Sets – Plastic Numbered Tags, Coat Room Checks, Reusable Coatroom Hanger Claim Tickets, 2 Sets of 100 Consecutive Numbers (201-300)

Coatroom tags ensure an organized coatroom and make sure you can offer a quick, efficient and impeccable service to your clients. These numbered tags are very durable so they will give you a proper and professional image. The coatroom tokens are reusable, and that’s what makes them a nice alternative to paper or cardboard. In the long run, these numbered plastic coatroom hangers will also be less expensive than paper tickets.

Product Features

  • 200 Tags of 100 Consecutive Numbers to have a workable coat check system, one tag remains on the hanger and one tag is given to your guest
  • Professional looking hard plastic tags with easy-to- read digits on one side
  • Great for clothing stores and home businesses such as LuLaRoe
  • Made with black wipeable plastic and they can be reused many times
  • Tag size is a half of a credit card, 2.125″ H x 1.685″ W with a ½” hanger hole