MOBILE MARKETING EXPLAINED: The 10 Things You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing To Discover How To Use Your Smart Phone To Make You Money (The Mobile Marketing Success Series)

The Mobile Marketing Success Series:

Discover the 10 most commonly
overlooked aspects of mobile marketing
that are the key cause for most failure.

Also learn the simple solutions that
will enable you to get more clients and
customers, make more money, and cement your
business as valuable to your community with
smart branding.

All the easy to implement strategies
are inside.

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MOBILE MARKETING : 10 Things You Must To Know About The Future Of Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

With more than half of all Americans now using smartphones and nearly a quarter of all online activity now coming from mobile devices, we have stumbled into a new age in technology and the future of mobile marketing has unexpectedly shown up at our doors.

Is your business equipped to market to the new digital consumer?

Here are 10 things all small businesses need to know about the future of mobile marketing.

Inside the pages of this great guide, you will learn about:

Advantages via Bluetooth and Infrared Mobile Marketing

  • Latest Way of Promoting Services
  • Current Trends in Mobile Marketing
  • Future of Mobile Commerce
  • Strategies for a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign
  • Generate Abundance Amount of Profits with Mobile Marketing
  • I would tell you that mobile is the future of marketing, but really the era of mobile has already arrived. If you’re not implementing some kind of mobile marketing strategy, you’re already trailing behind!

    As you can see from the graph below, more users are spending larger amounts of time engaged with mobile devices than ever before.

    We can expect this trend to continue even further in the future, so get ready!

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    Are you tired of wasting your time and money on marketing with terrible results? Do you wish you knew exactly how other marketers are making so much money?

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    Don’t stumble around in the dark when you could be modeling some of the best marketers in the world.

    In this book you will discover an incredible variety of strategies, ideas and techniques that you can utilize in order to be wildly successful in your marketing efforts! Many individuals are already profiting greatly from the tips I am about to share with you! In addition to the over 100 techniques, ideas and strategies I have included for being successful with your marketing efforts, I have also provided you with several case studies of how big companies successfully brand and market their products. These strategies are incredibly powerful and many are very easy to implement.

    Do what the pros do to dominate.

    Without a solid marketing plan and strategy in place you are setting yourself up for massive failure. The business world is extremely competitive, so be sure that you are doing things the right way! The tactics I have included are highly practical; they don’t require any special skill or knowledge to apply, and best of all, most of them are FREE. Life is so much better when you employ marketing strategies that have been proven to work in the real world. Whether you need just a few tips or want a full-fledged plan of action, this is the book that will help you greatly increase your marketing and sales potential!

    Discover the principles of effective branding.

    Before you begin to market your company and your product, we must discuss branding. I will walk you through the steps of determining who you are, what it is that you stand for, and how you can most profitably present that to the public. I have also included tips for designing a top-notch logo with which to represent your brand.

    Effectively identify and attract buyers.

    Be prepared to learn just how easy it can be to attract qualified customers to your doorstep. Once you’ve defined who you are and what you stand for, you need to learn everything you can about your target audience. Thanks to the Internet, this process is easier than ever before; I will point out several successful strategies you can put into use, starting today, to attract an enthusiastic fan base!

    What Will You Learn About Marketing?

    • The best marketing strategies that give great results.
    • How to utilize social media to promote yourself and make money.
    • The best ways to promote your business.
    • How to identify and target your ideal customers.
    • The most effective ways to advertise your business.

    You Will Also Discover:

    • Step-by-step instructions for building your own personalized marketing strategy plan.
    • Sales strategies for capitalizing on your marketing success.
    • The primary key to successful branding.
    • Marketing strategies that the best in the world use to dominate.

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    Contagious: Why Things Catch On

    The New York Times bestseller that explains why certain products and ideas become popular. “Jonah Berger knows more about what makes information ‘go viral’ than anyone in the world” (Daniel Gilbert, author of the bestseller Stumbling on Happiness).

    What makes things popular? If you said advertising, think again. People don’t listen to advertisements, they listen to their peers. But why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? Why are some stories and rumors more infectious? And what makes online content go viral?

    Wharton marketing professor Jonah Berger has spent the last decade answering these questions. He’s studied why New York Times articles make the paper’s own Most E-mailed list, why products get word of mouth, and how social influence shapes everything from the cars we buy to the clothes we wear to the names we give our children.

    In Contagious, Berger reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from consumer products and policy initiatives to workplace rumors and YouTube videos. Learn how a luxury steakhouse found popularity through the lowly cheesesteak, why anti-drug commercials might have actually increased drug use, and why more than 200 million consumers shared a video about one of the most seemingly boring products there is: a blender.

    Contagious provides a set of specific, actionable techniques for helping information spread—for designing messages, advertisements, and content that people will share. Whether you’re a manager at a big company, a small business owner trying to boost awareness, a politician running for office, or a health official trying to get the word out, Contagious will show you how to make your product or idea catch on.

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    Are you drowning in too much stuff? If you’re overwhelmed with the huge amount of stuff you’ve managed to accumulate, this book is for you!

    I’ve been selling online for more than 15 years, and I want to put my experience to work for you! You know all of those items you have in boxes and bins, crammed into your closets, garage, basement and attic? Those are piles of cash, waiting for you to collect them.

    You’ve already paid for these items, and they’re currently taking up space and collecting dust. Any money you make when you sell your stuff is pure profit – like cash found in an old jacket pocket.

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    • How to find time and get motivated to start going through your storage areas and listing items for sale.
    • What types of items you can sell online.
    • Which online selling sites are best for various types of items.
    • What not to sell online.
    • How and why to research items before you try to sell them.
    • How to prepare your unwanted stuff for sale so you get the best possible price.
    • What products you need in order to start selling online.
    • How and why to take exceptional photos of your items to help them sell more quickly and for top dollar.
    • How to price your items for maximum profit.
    • How you’ll get paid for your online sales.
    • How to ship your items once they sell.
    • How to deal with customers and returns.
    • How to navigate the ins and outs of the most popular online selling sites, including Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and Etsy.
    • How to sell safely on Craigslist.
    • What fees are charged by online selling sites, and how they’ll affect your bottom line.
    • The pros and cons of various online selling sites.
    • How knowing the strengths and weaknesses of various online selling options increases the amount of money you can make.
    • Why yard sales and consignment stores are horrible options for most people.
    • How to avoid making beginner mistakes and start making money on your unwanted stuff right away.

    50 Things to Know About Selling Stuff Online: A Simple Guide to Making Money Simply by Getting Rid of Your Old Junk That You Never Use

    Do you constantly dread having to work on things around your house because the clutter has gone too far and you feel overwhelmed?

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    If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you…

    50 Things to Know About Selling Stuff Online by Amanda Walton offers an unique approach to learning how to sell your items online.
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