Secret List of Money Making Home Based Businesses: 51 Ways to Stretch Your Mind


Now, you be the boss. You have the list.

The list is the starting point. The secret is where you go with the list!

Whether you are looking for income part-time or full-time, you’re in luck. You have 51 ideas that should turn into thousands. Brainstorm and you will see.

As an example let’s look at mowing or yard work. By themselves, lots of competition. If you take yard work and expand it, look at the possibilities.

Mowing, edging, planting, pruning, tilling, raking, landscaping and the list goes on and on. You can take any of the ideas I give you and make it into a huge variety of things you can do. So it comes down to: Where is your interest?

Let’s take another example: cooking. Cooking for yourself or a family does not usually produce an income. How about: catering, preparing a meal at home for pickup by a busy family, Go to a home and make them a meal, Make cakes and pies for sale. The list is endless.

In the book is an experiment for finding your interests. It’s for your eyes only, but will shed light on where you might look for what job or business will make you satisfied.

There are endless ways to make money. You just have to put your mind to it.

Find the answers in the book, buy it and,