Sell More Books With Less Social Media: Spend less time marketing and more time writing

Are you struggling trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel to market your books? Learn how using less social media can actually help you engage more readers and sell more books.

This book includes a free online companion course with many bonus tools and videos

Does social media marketing wear you out? Do you wish there was an easier way to reach your target audience in fewer places? Award-winning marketer Chris Syme has worked with hundreds of self-published authors to help them streamline and turbo boost their book marketing process. Let Chris show you how to demystify the process of selling books with social media so you can have more time to write.

This book is not for hobby writers; it’s for serious authors who want to make a living selling books and are looking to make smart business decisions about marketing their books. In her practical teaching style, Syme imparts all the necessary strategies you’ll ever need to market with social media backed up with marketing best practices and research.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The missing chapter: The secrets to selling with social media that nobody else is telling you.
  • How less is actually more: You will learn to designate one primary social media channel for engagement and leave the rest on auto pilot as outposts.
  • The Big Three: How to sell more books with just a website, an email marketing system, and a Facebook business page.
  • Content is the kingdom: How to craft the right content and opens the doors to engagement.
  • Email + social media = winner. How to turbo boost your email marketing with social media campaigns.

??? This book includes a free online course to help you make the most of what you learn

In addition to chapter-by-chapter Action Points to get you moving in the right direction, the book includes a free online course loaded with tools and videos to help you dig deeper into the most important concepts in the book.

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How to Create Lifetime Customers: Leverage the Marketing Power of the Internet & Mobile Technology to Quickly Get New Customers, Have Them Spend More Money, & Keep Them Buying Forever

Imagine doing a $1.8 Million product launch in as little as seven days. Imagine easily getting a new affluent customer and having them gladly pay you month after month. Imagine your current and past customers frequently sending you their friends and family members to become your new clients. If getting and keeping new customers are the biggest problems in your business, solving that problem has never been easier. Whether your dream is profiting from the boom in mobile and internet sales, selling high priced products, creating predictable monthly revenue, or learning the secrets to keep customers buying from you for decades, this book is your blueprint. Order a copy now and watch your business quickly go through a period of rapid, transformational growth. Everything you desire can be yours, you simply have to take this first step. Grab your copy today!

Bitcoin Wealth Guide: Learn how to become a BITCOIN MILLIONAIRE in a few years to come with little efforts and limited time to spend daily!


This ebook is all about how to become a Millionaire in a few years to come with little efforts and limited time to work daily! It is called Bitcoins Wealth Guide.

Bitcoin is no more news today, it has been here for quite a while but its emergence and prevailence calls for attentions because of its nature, characteristics and its being widely accepted nowadays. If there is a new and sure way to make money online and make it big today, it is all about the Bitcoin!

Bitcoin has made history right from the time it was developed and introduced, its entry, higher security features, freedom of holding and cheaper operational fees caught the world generally in awe.

The truth that remains undisputed is that bitcoin has come to stay because no government controls its existence, operations and continuous running but by the general public itself. There are so many tangible reasons why bitcoin remain world’s number one amazing payment method with an unprecedented entrance into the financial and internet world.

Well, as you go through this book, you will begin to realize the many reasons why the bitcoin will make thousands if not millions of people rich when the time comes, I sincerely desire that you will be part of the financial revolution that will soon emanate following the amazing entrance of bitcoin into the financial world.

Actually, this is neither a get-rich quick scheme nor is it today’s business but tomorrow’s. What you are able to gather together today will eventually become something tomorrow to remove your toiling permanently if you are wise. There are many ways to do that which we shall discuss extensively how to go about it, just relax.

About this ebook – read it to be duely informed, read it to believe, read it to follow and execute the contents it contained and finally, read it to turn the table around for yourself and your family. Opportunity like this do comes once in a century. Others will hear, buy this ebook, read it but scorn and complain or may even ask for a refund probably thereby remained what and where they were when those who heard, bought this ebook, read it, believed and took steps would have life become easier, juicier and sweeter for themselves.

Bitcoin has been tagged a “future money” because of its peculiarity and rising from nowhere to a pedestal of honor among the other currencies. It has rose significantly that it is almost a phenomena! For example in January 2013, one bitcoin was worth around US$15, in April 2013, one bitcoin was roughly US$116.60 in exchange rate. In October 2013, the same year when the US FBI raided and shut down the silk road online black market dealing in bitcoin, 144,000 bitcoin were confiscated and then, according to the calculation by exchange rates, it was worth US$28.5 million!

Sometime early this year, when I wanted to integrate bitcoin to one of my websites in addition to other payment methods, the exchange rate then was something like

US$128 plus to a bitcoin. Recently, in August 2014, it has reached the height of $565 plus to a bitcoin before coming down to around $508 or so! And now, it is a kind

of pendullum issue, going back and forth around US$500 plus or minus.

One highly regarded great economist of the 20th century, Milton Friedman actually predicted in 1999 that there would be a currency exactly like Bitcoin and that

bitcoin will soon worth up to $1,200 and more! Do you know that one satoshi, will soon be worth a dollar in value and also we might like have another divisible unit less than satoshi in value depends on what happens in a

few year’s to come!

Now imagine having something like 200,000 satoshi or more stashed away in your wallet on your computer where no one can have access to it!

Do you know that the thought of having a bitcoin by an individual would soon become laughable because it would almost be impossible?

Won’t you be a part of this financial revolution? Get in on the boat and take a plunge into this new tr