Multiple Sources of Income: 2 Profitable Source of Semi-Passive Work at Home Business. Fiverr Vs. Shopify Training.

2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Home-Based Internet Marketing Business Today!


Inside you’ll discover:

– The 4 step blueprint to make money on Fiverr
– How to properly set up your profile so you’ll look like a PRO
– How to brainstorm and choose a service that you can sell
– The top 5 LONG TERM services that you can study and sell on Fiverr (and on other freelance websites as well)
– How to create a product listing from satrt to finish
– A real-life LIVE example of an awesome product listing to copy
– How to upsell your customers to your other services without being salesy and annoying

– How to create a beautiful online store from scratch
– How to set up payments for credit cards/paypal
– What kind if plan should you get as a beginner
– How to set up checkout settings to maximize your customer average order value
– The one button you should never forget to untick or you’ll never get a sale! EVER!
– How to set up your shipping settings
– How to set up a basic Facebook ad
– The type of Facebook ad to create
– Example of an ad to copy
– How to evaluate your ads after the testing phase
– What to do to grow your online store on Facebook… step by step.


This bundle is perfect for beginners like you and there is no better way to get started than these business models.

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Passive Income Online: 5 Highly Profitable Ways To Make Money Online (The Only Sources You Will Ever Need)

How do you visualize your life a couple of years from now? Still running the bucket carriers marathon and struggling to make ends meet? Never having enough time to spend with your loved ones because you are busy trading time to earn peanuts? Or living a financially free life that gives you both – the time and money to live it to the fullest?

Don’t you want to give up the taxing 9-5 grind for a more gratifying and fulfilling life that allows you to do everything you’ve ever dreamt of? What is your dream? Travelling the world? Opening a shelter for animals? Starting a dance school? Unless you are slated to receive a huge inheritance, chances are your dreams are likely to be compromised by reality, by the concept of job/financial security. How about never having to look at the menu before ordering a dish or worrying about how your next bill will be paid? Think about a life without financial stress.

Irrespective of why you want to attain financial freedom, this book hands you all the information you should know about building profitable sources of online passive income. It gives you tried and tested strategies, little known tips and step by step processes to set up businesses you can be proud of, without much investment. The book is packed with easy to follow and actionable pointers, which you can start implementing almost immediately, even if you are a newbie.

You will learn everything from how to build profitable and high-income generating blogs to cracking the secret code for creating killer membership sites to breaking it with You Tube videos. The there are powerful tips on building an eBook empire and selling with FBA. I’ve tried to include a variety of online income generating channels to help you pick the ones that best suit your interests and business goals.
I have both – good and bad news for you. Let’s go with the bad first. Creating passive income is not an overnight process or similar to a get rich quick scheme. It takes consistent efforts, time and innovation. Now the good news – once everything is set you need to put minimal effort to experience a surge of income in the long run. Over a period of time, your efforts will reduce and the income will swell. You can literally make money while you are travelling on a fancy cruise.

Passive income will liberate you from the cycle of scarcity, inadequacy and a life filled with compromises. The decision to break free from that cycle is yours. So, what are you going to choose?

1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

This is the No. 1 Business Opportunity handbook.
Runs well on all electronic reading devices
From this new ground-breaking book,you will;
-Discover when and how to create and then protect your own Biz idea;
-Get over one thousand practical biz ideas and how to execute each Biz idea.
-Learn creative ways to write Business plan and practical tips on how to run your business profitably plus bonus sample biz plans and user-friendly Business plan template;
-Access the contact information of thousands of instant money sources.
-Obtain loads of practical tips on how you can become owner of a successful business and lots more.

This Book is illustrated with reader-friendly graphics to further help you retain memory and easy-to-understand English language content layout for easy identification.
It is affordable and most readers have stated that the book is worth far more than its price.
This book is written with you on my mind.

Internet Marketing: My Top 3 Penny Traffic Sources: A Secret Collection Of Great Traffic Source For Pennies

I go over my collection of top traffic sources along with several other bonuses to get you cheap targeted traffic for affiliate/internet marketers and those looking to generate more sales leads for their business or opportunity. Several of these sources are not what everyone uses so competition and volume is open for the taking.


Start growing your customer email list – Email marketing the easiest and the best way to do it.


How To Make $5,000 Per Month Blogging About Your Passion: A complete step by step plan on how to create a blog, choose your niche, monetize your blog -quit your job follow your passion make money

Learn how to go from zero to $5,000 per month by following your passion – create a blog in less than 30 minutes

You’ll learn how to monetize your blog and we will create a plan to go from zero to $5,000/month through your new home based business


HOW TO GET 80% OPT IN RATE FOR EMAIL MARKETING: How to build an email list with 80% Opt In Rate

The 5 Step Process for Getting 80% Opt In Rate

The theory of Stupid (and how it can help you build more a bigger list)

A Basic – Super Simple Copy n Paste Template To Use

You’ll also find out what are baits and what makes it perfect

The best practices for running an ad that converts

Plus you’ll also learn the simplest MOST PROFITABLE sales funnel in the world

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Website Traffic Generation: Testing and Developing Online Traffic Sources: Finding the Best Traffic Sources For Your Online Business (Information Marketing Development Series Book 2)

Website Traffic Generation – Developing the Best Traffic for YOU!

Are you confused and frustrated with your website traffic results?

I have written this book to remove some of the confusion and frustration associated with driving traffic and generating leads for an online business.

There are many products and training programs devoted to helping marketers drive website traffic and yet so many marketers remain frustrated by the lack of visitors to their website despite following the latest traffic techniques.

A new traffic loop hole or secret seems to come onto the market at regular intervals. After a major Google update a rush of products promising huge traffic and how to get around the latest changes flood into your inbox!

The truth is that if you continually chase after traffic and try to manipulate the search engines you will always be on the lookout for the latest traffic trick, wasting your money and never getting consistent results.

This book will put an end to your frustrations and show you exactly how to go about finding the right traffic sources for you and your specific business.

I will also show you how to go about testing and tracking traffic sources so that you spend your time and effort focused on driving quality traffic that generates revenue.

Download your copy today and start getting the targeted traffic you deserve!